Andrew Garfield on Information Operations, Polling, and the Human Factor — Collected Works

Andrew Garfield is the founder of Glevum Associates. He has pioneered face to face indigenous polling in combat conditions. 2011 Losing the War of Ideas in Iraq 2011 Garfield SOF Summit Human Polling 2011 Garfield InfoOps Effective Communications 2007 Comprehensive Approach to Information Operations Web Site (GlevumUSA) Foreign Policy Research Institute (Contributor)

Andrew Garfield: An Open Letter to Donald Trump — You Are Not a Party You Are a Phenomenon

ROBERT STEELE: Andrew Garfield is one of the two top pollsters in America. The other is Paul Ray. Andrew is the pollster who destroyed the Obama-Kerry attempt to fraudulently turn Afghanistan over to a 100% Tajik.  Andrew’s polls, funded privately, rescued the Ashraf Ghani presidential campaign. An Open Letter to Donald Trump You are not …

Who’s Who in Cultural & Peace Intelligence: Andrew Garfield

Andrew Garfield, a U.S citizen since 2010, served in the British military and then as a senior civilian intelligence officer, finishing his U.K. government service as a policy advisor in the UK Ministry of Defense (MOD).  His specializations included Counter Terrorism (CT), Counter Insurgency Operations (COIN) and Information Operations (IO).