Beatrice Giblin: The Conflicts in the World – A Geopolitical Approach

Jan 17


aluator & Reflexive Practitioner

RAMER, Jon – Co-Chair of EIN, Co-Founder of Compassion Games

RAPPOPORT, Jon – Government & Corporate Crime, The Matrix

RAUHAUSER, Neal – Edgy Digital Coder, Tinkerer, & Geospatial Thinker

REICH, Robert – Democratic Spin-Master Edging Toward Independent Thinking

RHEINGOLD, Howard – Original Tools for Thinking Virtual Reality Mentor

ROBB, John – Unconventional Confrontation, Resilience Strategies

ROBERTS, Paul Craig – Government-Enabled Financial Mega-Crime

RUPPERT, Michael – Author, 9/11 & Corruption Activist

RUSHKOFF, Doug – Social Critic, Technology Observer, Futurist

SCHWARTZ, Stephan – Cultural, Economic & Political Pathologies

SABOW, David – Brother of Col James Sabow, Mudered by USMC for CIA

SCHNEIER, Bruce – Digital Risk & Security Guru

SEAGRAVE, Sterling – Top Asian Gold and Asian Power Network Observer

SENTSE, Rob – Peacekeeping and Counterinsurgency – Behavioral Intelligence

SHARP, Seena – One of America’s Top Competitive Intelligence Professionals

SMAJLAJ, Denis – A Very Smart Teen-Ager

SMITH, Johanna – Focus on Wi-Fi & Water Health Dangers and Solutions

SPINNEY, Chuck – Original US Defense Reformer, on Political & Military Idiocy

SPURLOCK, Del – Civics

STALLMAN, Richard – Founder GNU and Free Software Movement

STAPLETON-GRAY, Ross – Super Analyst with Strong IT Creds

STEELE, Robert – Founder.  See Also Articles, Books, Briefings, Reflections

STEINER, John – Liberal Philanthropists Mixing Worry with Optimism

STERLING, Bruce – Futurist Fiction Author & Imagination Mentor

SWANSON, David – Peace for All

UMPLEBY, Stuart – Professor of Second Order Cybernetics

VENTURA, Jesse – Former SEAL, Governor, Truth-Teller on 9/11 & Corruption

VILLEGAS, Danielle – Substance of Education & Content Management

WARNER, Dave – Dr. Dr. (PhD MD) C4I Innovator 20 years ahead of the pack

WEINBERGER, David – Guru on open knowledge, open spectrum

WHEELER, Winslow – Defense Pork Specialist, Focusing on Aviation & Redundant Flags

ZIEMKE, Jen – Co-Founder of Crisis Mappers Net

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