#UNRIG Cynthia McKinney with Catherine Austin Fitts: The Deep State, Pilgrims, Zeo-Cons, & the Death of the U.S. Constitution

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CounterPunch: Green Party Media Con Job [DNC Terrified of Alt-Right Alt-Left Combination Represented by Robert Steele & Cynthia McKinney]

The Green Party – Marks in a Media Con Job by Yoav Litvin

#UNRIG Cynthia McKinney with Jordan Sather – Deep State Corruption, MeetUp Suppression of 435 Paid MeetUps Valued at $77,300

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#UNRIG: Cynthia McKinney & Robert Steele Start National Tour

Cynthia McKinney & Robert Steele started their national tour in St. Louis, Missouri on 3 July 2017. They seek to raise $250,000 as quickly as possible for their national tour, inclusive of 435 MeetUps that will comprise a virtual People’s Congress.  Home  –  IndieGoGo