Mini-Me: DoD IG Finds 70% Waste in Afghanistan

Huh? War on waste: Pentagon auditor spotlights US billions blown in Afghanistan EXTRACT: It’s not clear how much of the reconstruction aid is considered to have been wasted, but SIGAR officials say that during 2012, Sopko’s first year on the job, the general inspected projects, programs, and general issues that totaled $10.6 billion in funding …

WInslow Wheeler: Congressional Deception on Pentagon Pork [PBI: Until DoD Down to $400B a Year, 50% Waste is Order of the Day]

“Omnibus” Information and Commentary Paper: What Did the Appropriators Really Do to Defense Spending? Bottom line: At $600B plus, DoD is a pig — easily 40% waste. Summary of Findings:

Graphic: DoD Weapons — 41% Documented Waste Per Year — 60% More Probable