M Johanna Smith: Petition Obama to Release Water Conference Findings, Protect Childen, Implement Change

President Obama: Release Water Conference Findings, Protect Childen, Implement Change @ Change.org

M. Johanna Smith: Science of Water Being Undermined by USG and EPA — Poisoned Water is Government Policy

At the August 2012 Gordon Research Center Conference on DBPs of Chloraminated Drinking Water Systems multiple researchers presented material regarding the ulra carcinogenic DBPs of chloraminated water. In an extraordinary and draconian measure, EPA had one of their own researchers taken into federal remand. Dr. Susan Richardson At the time the then EPA Risk Management Lab …

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SchwartzReport: U.S. Needs $354 Billion To Repair Decrepit Pipes And Keep Drinking Water Clean

You will remember the piece I ran a few days ago showing that the repair of our water infrastructure would produce far more jobs and income than than an oil pipeline. Here is further information on this. Look at the wastage that is going on, and the systems that are close to collapse. The nation’s …