Mongoose: Steve Pieczenik on Kushner & McMaster Totally Corrupt, Repressing Alt-Right, Betraying the President

Dr. Pieczenik Says Counter Revolution Taking Place Inside White House to Silence Alt-Right Dr. Steve Pieczenik, the consummate intelligence insider, made a bold claim on the Alex Jones show today, suggesting the National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster and Jared Kushner were behind a counter revolution to silence the alt-right. He cited the outing of General …

Robert Steele on Sputnik News (Print & Radio) — McCain, Brennan, McMaster are Traitors, Co-Conspirators with Israel and Saudi Arabia on False Flag in Syria by White Helmets

False Flag Attack: Ex-CIA Officer Unravels Idlib Chemical Incident While US Defense Secretary James Mattis is pushing ahead with the claim that the Assad government still has chemical weapons, former CIA officer Robert David Steele told Radio Sputnik that the claim bears no relation to reality and added that evidence mounts that the Idlib incident …

Steve Pieczenik: US Intel Good Guys Did The Counter-Coup — Russians Did NOT “Hack” Anything

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Nik Peachey: Tool Adioma Visualization on the Fly

Love this. A very quick and simple way to create infographics. No design skills necessary. Adioma – Knowledge Visualization Tool Upload text; icons provides; review and change; publish….