Robert Steele in Chinese: 后西方秩序”下经济和工程范式构想 (Concept for a Post-Western Economic-Engineering Paradigm)

俄罗斯国际事务委员会 罗伯特.大卫.斯迪勒 (Robert David Steele) 博文 “后西方秩序”下经济和工程范式构想 2017-4-5 一、施行“资源全面开放”战略(OSEE)下,“普京-莫迪”和“习近平—特朗普”组合将如何造福人类

ANSWERS: Robert Steele for Javad Heiran-Nia (Iran

1- Rex Tillerson, U.S. secretary of state, has recently announced that US backs those groups who try for change in Iranian regime. Who are these groups and why Trump’s government has focused on the expired policy of ‘’change of regime in Iran”?

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