SchwartzReport: Dutch Create Plastic Roads

Here is a potential game changing infrastructure technology, once again from the Dutch. And very good news. Road construction and maintenance using recycled plastic is a brilliant idea. Netherlands Company Introduces Plastic Roads That Are More Durable, Climate Friendly Than Asphalt

SchwartzReport: 12 Signs US in Decline — 2016 Election Will Kill Us or Save Us….

Here is the truth about the U.S. everyone should know, yet almost nobody does. Certainly you would be hard pressed to learn it from corporate media. Tuesday, when I am writing this, and for most of the preceding week, there has only been one story on news programs, as I am sure you have noticed: …

SchwartzReport: John Alexander on Bean-Counting ISIS — Another Folly

ISIS: The Latest Bean Counter’s Folly That problem is establishing self-reporting systems that only encourage and reward reports that indicate progress is being made and fit the established politically correct scenario. . . .   The analytic problem is the models used for predicting outcomes of conflicts are woefully inadequate at best.

SchwartzReport: Chinese Zero-Emission Electric Bus in London

This report of course has received no attention from U.S. corporate media, but I take it as a big datapoint on what is going to become a major trend: the electrification of commercial vehicles of all kinds. As the article points out most of the long term cost of a commercial bus is in the …