2014-10-19 Robert Steele on Alex Jones

19:02 Former CIA Insider: U.S. Govt Fears Its Veterans

09:23 The Black Sheep Billionaires Strike Back

10:29 Former CIA Insider: Ebola is The Perfect Storm

10:20 Former CIA Insider: Obama’s Ebola Failure is Criminal Neglect


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Oct 19

INTERVIEW: Breaking Open the Source – Robert Steele with John Maguire



10.17.14 Episode 99: Breaking Open The Source (with Robert Steele)

Robert Steele — Activist, Spy and Author — talks to John and Alan about his book “Open Source Everything Manifesto”, his former employers at the CIA, and topics ranging from NeoCons and NeoNazis to Occupy Wall Street and the next American Revolution.


ROBERT STEELE: I find myself more willing to be blunt these days — for example, this interview includes a demolishment of John Kerry for his treasonous act in shutting down the Iran Contra investigation — the truth at any cost really does lower all other costs, the downside being that sometimes one must sacrifice their own prospects for the greater good. Truth is what I do. Truth is what every professional intelligence officer should be obsessive about, but of course that is not the case, particularly when it comes to Directors of National Intelligence (also responsible for Counterintelligence) who prefer to take the gold and screw the public. A day does not go by but that I do not pray for the restoration of integrity in US governance, and a restoration of the dream that was America.

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Oct 18

INTERVIEW: Former Spy Robert Steele– Critiquing US Intell Agencies and on Open Source Everything

Former Spy Robert Steele– Critiquing US Intell Agencies and on Open Source Everything

OpEdNews, 13 October 2014

Transcript1: Robert Steele– Spy, author Open Source Everything

Transcript 2: Robert Steele– Spy, Revolutionary– Calling for Open Source Everything

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Oct 13

2014-10-07 INTERVIEW: Robert Steele with Alex Jones The Black Sheep Billionaires

See Also:

Former CIA Officer: We Have Traitors Running The US Gov’t

Former CIA Officer: False Flag Is A Deep Part Of The American Government

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Oct 8

Robert Steele: The New Story — Open Source Everything — The People’s World Brain

Robert Steele

Robert Steele

I’ve been invited to participate in The New Story Summit in Scotland, and they are paying all expenses, which matters since I have no salary, no pensions, and no savings. The event is closed now to further registration, but open to any who wish to take advantage of the live streaming portions. For myself, with help from Tom Atlee, it is an opportunity to reflect on the past quarter century of failed activism in favor of government intelligence reform, and at the same time to lay down some aspirations for the next quarter century during which I intend to be active in new ways — creating the people’s world brain. Although there are those — including Buckminster Fuller (don’t fix a broken system, create a new system that displaces the old) and Russell Ackoff (stop doing the wrong things righter, do the right thing instead) that might consider my time and energy wasted these past 25 years, I do not — everything has its time and place. Now is the time for me to take what I have learned from tilting at windmills owned by others, and apply that deep experience to building the people’s windmill — what Google and Microsoft and IBM should have been doing all this time.

This is my “New Story.”

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Sep 23

2014-09-18 INTERVIEW: Robert Steele with Alex Jones

Segment One Benghazi, IC Naivete, Middle East, Open Source, Ebola

Benghazi @ Phi Beta Iota

Ebola @ Phi Beta Iota

Graphic: Benghazi Fiasco Master Post with Links to All Posts, Map of DoD Assets Ordered to “Stand Down,” + RECAP Updated 11 May 13

ISIS @ Phi Beta Iota

Segment Two – Focus on False Flags, 9/11

Open Source Everything Manifesto: Home Page

Who’s Who in Collective, Earth, Peace, & Public Intelligence: Robert David STEELE Vivas [Roberto David de Steele y Vivas de Porras]

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Sep 19

2014-09-13 INTERVIEW Robert Steele with Pierre Cloutier Québec – plaidoyer pour une nation intelligente

Pierre Cloutier

Pierre Cloutier

Les grandes entrevue de Vigile : Robert Steele

Québec : plaidoyer pour une nation intelligente

Le Québec pourrait servir de modèle pour le monde entier

Pierre Cloutier Tribune libre de Vigile samedi 13 septembre

Robert David STEELE Vivas

Robert David STEELE Vivas

Robert David Steele Vivas est un vrai patriote américain. Ancien marine, ancien agent de la CIA en Amérique du Sud et ailleurs, co-fondateur du Centre de renseignement du Corps des Marines, diplômé en sciences politiques, en relations internationales, en administration des affaires et en matière de défense nationale, il s’est consacré depuis les 25 dernières au concept de renseignement ouvert, dont il est l’instigateur, a écrit de nombreux livres sur le sujet et a formé plus de 7 000 officiers dans plus de 66 pays, incluant tous les pays de l’OTAN. Son dernier livre s’intitule : Open Source Everything Manifesto, Transparency, Thruth et Trust. C’est un révolutionnaire iconoclaste et un ami du Québec.

Q – Robert Steele, il s’en est passé du temps depuis que nous nous sommes rencontrés en 1994 à ma demande, dans les bureaux à Québec de Bernard Landry, alors ministre des Affaires internationales et vice-premier ministre. Comment les choses ont-elle évolué pour vous depuis ce temps ?

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Sep 13