David Bollier: Why the Commons?

David Bollier

David Bollier

Commoning as a Transformative Social Paradigm

Every so often I am invited to write a piece that in effect answers the question, “Why the commons?”  I invariably find new answers to that question each time that I re-engage with it.  My latest attempt is an essay, “Commoning as a Transformative Social Paradigm,” which I wrote for the Next System Project as part of its series of proposals for systemic alternatives. 

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May 25

Yoda: Death to Elsevier & Thompson Reuters — Academic Information Breaks Free…

yoda with light saberWho’s downloading pirated papers? Everyone

In rich and poor countries, researchers turn to the Sci-Hub website.

John Bohannon, Science, 28 April 2016

To read a 2011 paper in Applied Mathematics and Computation, Rahimi would have to pay the publisher, Elsevier, $28. A 2015 paper in Operations Research, published by the U.S.-based company INFORMS, would cost $30.

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May 22

Antechinus: The Controlled Left



The Gatekeepers of the Left

Refusal to address the core issues of US Foreign and Defense policy, which are the root causes of a pervading culture of war and militarism that has taken over the nation in the years since WWII.  are part of a larger pattern of “regulated resistance”, a system by which dissent is carefully managed and constrained by self, overt, or covert censorship; denial-based-psychology; fear of personal or professional criticism and reprisal; and pressure from powers above including elected officials and those establishment foundations which flood millions into the not-for-profit activist sector.

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May 22