SchwartzReport: Science is Not About Certainty Rather About Most Reliable Way of Thinking at Present Level of Knowledge

This is a really excellent essay on the nature of science. Rovelli’s observation: “Science is not about certainty. Science is about finding the most reliable way of thinking at the present level of knowledge” is one of the most insightful things I have read about science in a decade. There are also very insightful comments about the competing worldviews in physics, and science’s relationship to religion. This piece has been excerpted from The Universe: Leading Scientists Explore the Origin, Mysteries, and Future of the Cosmos.

Science Is Not About Certainty
CARLO ROVELLI, professor at Université de la Méditerranée, Marsei – New Republic

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Don Sagar: Eden Project – The Underlying Cause

Don Sagar

Don Sagar

The Underlying Cause

The World is beset with endless problems. Some appear more imminent than others. What escapes most is that all are inextricably linked. This makes determining priority a source of migraines. Does one throw their efforts behind stabilizing the World’s economic system, containing weapons of war, influencing population growth, restricting the genetic manipulation of nature, halting global warming, stemming regional conflicts, or bringing an end to the suffering of the disenfranchised? Perhaps you have another problem you consider even more pressing. Whatever the case, all are extraordinarily complex, so it’s no wonder why confusion and apathy prevail. In the past, mankind employed “stopgap” measures to address these issues with varying degrees of success. Intimidation by force often served to determine outcome. With the spread of weapons of mutual destruction, utilizing force became a liability. Now, only the weaker need fear it.

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Jean Lievens: Ethical Economics

Jean LievensRethinking Economics is an international network of students campaigning for pluralism within economics, particularly the economics curriculum, which is, at present, heavily biased towards the methods of the neoclassical school. Rethinking Economics was launched with the 2013 conference, and brought together a number of smaller groups advocating changes to economics. Together, those groups, along with many others, produced the ISIPE open letter, calling for an overhaul of the way … read more

NYC Conference 12-14 September 2014

Ethical Economics Home Page

Mason Gaffney & Fred Harrison, The Corruption of Economics(2007)

Fred Harrison, The Power in the Land: An Inquiry into Unemployment, the Profits Crisis and Land Speculation (1983)