Berto Jongman: Pyramids as Energy Source? Comment by Sepp Hasslberger

Berto Jongman

Berto Jongman

Suppressed Scientific Evidence Proves Free Energy Source Dating Back 25,000 Years

A monumental discovery with four years of comprehensive geo-archaeological research has failed to reach mainstream audiences for some reason. The most active pyramid site in the world dating the pyramid complex back 25,000 years has also released scientific evidence supporting the theory that the pyramids were used as an energy source. The recent study reveals energy beams transmitting electromagnetic signals unexplainable by our science in what is now documented as the largest Pyramid complex in the world. Overwhelming evidence, supported by scientific research from all over the archaeological community proves that our recorded history is wrong concerning ancient cultures, which in turn changes religion, science and academics.

Dr. Osmanagich has investigated pyramids all over the world, however his recent discovery of the Bosnian pyramids in Visoko, are nothing more than remarkable. What may be more remarkable is how he has been attacked in the media, by scientists and researchers for his incredible find.

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Sepp Hasslberger

Sepp Hasslberger

SEPP HASSLBERGER: Very interesting. The most remarkable thing about these pyramids isn’t that they were or are a “free energy source”. They aren’t, at least not in the way we understand and use energy today. The pyramids apparently are amplifiers and emitters of electromagnetic energy, which seems to rise in beam form from the top. We do not know what purpose they were built for, perhaps they were a component of an advanced system of communication and transportation between this world and others.

Berto Jongman: Overview of Astranauts Speaking Out About UFO Sightings and Experiences

Berto Jongman

Berto Jongman

International Space Station Commander Opens Up About His UFO Sighting In Space

Leroy Chiao, commander of the International Space Station in 2005 recently opened up about his UFO sighting from space. They were 230 miles above the Earth, and traveling at a speed of 17,000 miles per hour when Chiao spotted a UFO (Unidentified Flying Object). Chiao told the Huffington post:

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Berto Jongman: YouTube (1:24:21) Interview on Alien Implants

Berto Jongman

Berto Jongman

UFO Sightings The Man Who Removed 17 Alien Implants Legacy Full Length Documentary!

The beloved Dr. Roger K. Leir, also known worldwide as the alien implant doctor, passed away Friday March 14, 2014. He leaves behind an enormous legacy of work very few people have had the courage to face. With 17 implants removed over a period of 20 years, Dr. Leir had the courage to stand up in the face of mainstream science & academics by having them look at the raw data. What separates him from all ufologists is that he was a scientist first, with opinions formed based on data he received from recovered implants.

Phi Beta Iota: Three kinds of implants: metalic with biological coating, composites, and all biological. Likened to tracking devices used by humans with other wildlife. Nano-technological, contain electronics, give off radio signals.

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Owl: Malaysian Airlines Redux — From Holistic Analysis of Covert Possibilities to Rothschild Patent Play to Alien Abdjuction…

Who?  Who?

Who? Who?

This presents an analysis from various geopolitical, military, and intelligence angles, and very confidently posits the Indian Ocean base Diego Garcia as the final location of flight 370. The author also provides arguments for claiming the jet was remotely hijacked and driven to the base.

Is MH370 The Latest Casualty Of The Pentagon’s Pivot To Asia?

Here’s an article with a very original theory: a laser was used to bring down flight 370 in order to kill on board a number of Freescale Semiconductor employees who are holders of very valuable patents. The ownership of the dead patent holders allegedly defaults to a Rothschild, of all people. Whatever one thinks of this theory, this article is valuable for its sustained attention on the Freeescale company, including data on its CEO, Greg A. Lowe. Very little has thus far appeared on this company even in alternative sources, and this article has the most I have seen come out anywhere on this company.

Leuren Moret: Flight 370 downing was Energy weapons demo; Rothschild patent scam; Payback for Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunal verdicts vs. Israel, US and UK

That Boeing claims the jet may be in Pakistan is remarkable, but this quote from an interview with Lt. Gen. Thomas McInerney is a stunner: “Lt. Gen.McInerney believes the plane landed in Pakistan both from his sources and from his suspicions about Iran and Pakistan being involved. He does not know the fate of the passengers. He said that if the Navy quits their search in the Indian Ocean, they must know something. For the Israelis to beef up their security, they must know something. He believes the plane could be used to attack US interests, Israel and so one. It could be turned into a weapon of mass destruction. The Boeing report out of Langley indicates the plane could be in Western Pakistan. They had enough fuel to make the trip. They appeared to have overloaded the fuel on the plane which may be routine, that’s an unknown.”

Boeing Believes Flight MH370 Is In Taliban Territory in Pakistan – Updates

This long article is the oddest of the entire bunch here, in that it compiles a list of psychic “readings” and visions psychics around the world have recently had about flight 370. Most of the visions show the jet going into an alternative or metaphysical realm, or going in and out of it throughout the course of its flight. I take Charles Fort seriously: see more about him at Wikipedia / Charles Fort

Missing Malaysian Flight MH370 – Completing the picture

Finally, short summaries of almost all alternative and “conspiracy” theories of Flight 370 generated up to a few days ago.

Did Missing Flight MH370 Land In The Maldives Or Diego Garcia: The Full Updated Summary

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