Berto Jongman: Harry Bentham on Google’s Betrayal (and Hypocrisy…)

Berto Jongman

Berto Jongman

Google’s Cold Betrayal of the Internet

Harry J. Bentham

IEET, 10 October 2014

Google Inc.’s 2013 book The New Digital Age, authored by Google chairman Eric Schmidt and Google Ideas director Jared Cohen, was showered with praise by many, but attacked in a review by Julian Assange for the New York Times, where it is described as a “love song” from Google to the US state. Also addressed in Assange’s subsequent book When Google Met WikiLeaks, Google’s book makes an unconvincing effort to depict the internet as a double-edged sword, both empowering (p. 6) and threatening our lives (p. 7).

The popular internet, Google argues, might help defeat the US’s “authoritarian” opponents, but also threatens to aid “terrorism” (p. 9) (Google’s word for cypherpunks and anti-statists) against the US itself. Thus, Google argues, the internet is potentially disruptive and harmful to US national security priorities – as is the possibility of individuals being personally empowered by technology. Google laments the “anarchy” being caused by the “agents of chaos”: generations of tech-savvy individuals armed with modern personal technologies (p. 46-47, 59, 207-208). Anonymous and other clans of hackers, we are told, “might as well be terrorists” (p. 151-182).

This is fairly consistent with the ideas of former President George W. Bush, who famously warned graduates at West Point that the gravest danger to the United States is “at the crossroads of radicalism and technology.” This point of view, alongside its knuckle-dragging obsession with defeating “rogue states” and “terrorists”, places Google’s apparent value-system unambiguously within the neoconservative ideological camp. The case for “guiding” the path of the internet (p. 11, 36-39), in particular, sounds equally shy and unsustainable as the authoritarian regimes (p. 6) Google claims to oppose.

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Oct 12

SchwartzReport: California Aquifers Contaminated with Billions of Gallons of Fracking Toxic Waste

Stephan A. Schwartz

Stephan A. Schwartz

If you still have any question as to whether the health of the population takes precedence over oil company profits this report on the situation in California should settle it. Profit is much more important than the health of families particularly children. That this is happening in a state with the drought problems California has is all the more amazing.

Confirmed: California Aquifers Contaminated With Billions Of Gallons of Fracking Wastewater

After California state regulators shut down 11 fracking wastewater injection wells last July over concerns that the wastewater might have contaminated aquifers used for drinking water and farm irrigation, the EPA ordered a report within 60 days.

It was revealed yesterday that the California State Water Resources Board has sent a letter to the EPA confirming that at least nine of those sites were in fact dumping wastewater contaminated with fracking fluids and other pollutants into aquifers protected by state law and the federal Safe Drinking Water Act.

The letter, a copy of which was obtained by the Center for Biological Diversity, reveals that nearly 3 billion gallons of wastewater were illegally injected into central California aquifers and that half of the water samples collected at the 8 water supply wells tested near the injection sites have high levels of dangerous chemicals such as arsenic, a known carcinogen that can also weaken the human immune system, and thallium, a toxin used in rat poison.

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Oct 11

Jean Lievens: DonnieMaclurcan on Non-Profit Enterprises and a Sustainable Future

Jean Lievens

Jean Lievens

Video: Donnie Maclurcan, on moving to not-for-profit enterprise models for a sustainable future

“What would a world filled with truly sustainable businesses look like? Join this thought-provoking session to hear how, according to Professor Donnie Maclurcan, not-for-profit enterprise will be at the heart of a sustainable future by 2050. Outlining research from Donnie’s forthcoming book with Jennifer Hinton, How on Earth, this presentation will explore what it takes to design for human flourishing on a finite planet.”

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Oct 10

Mongoose: CDC – Treason for Profit via Ebola?



NIH: “We May Have to Vaccinate Whole Countries to Stop Ebola Outbreak”


Dave Hodges , over at The Common Sense Show, has already penned an article demonstrating how the CDC has positioned themselves to profit financially should Ebola spread throughout the U.S.:

The CDC has ulterior motives in the diagnosing and subsequent treatment of Ebola. First of all, the CDC is traded on Dunn and Bradstreet. This fact makes the CDC a for profit corporation. Secondly, and as I have pointed out before, the CDC owns the patent on Ebola and all variances up to 70% of the variance. This means that because the CDC owns Ebola, they will receive a royalty every time a treatment is provided because of the alteration of their intellectual property rights.

These two facts mean that if the CDC moved to block the spread of Ebola, they would cut into their profit motive. On this point, there can be no argument. Are we supposed the humanitarian nature that the CDC would forgo their profit motive in order to serve the public good? Should we trust the CDC? What are the implications?

That might explain why the CDC is so against banning air travel from West Africa and even continues to change its basic stance on how the virus is even spread .

Read full article with additional links.

See Especially:

Owl: Manufactured Ebola Crisis — the Three Benefits for the 1% of a Biological 9/11

See Also:

Ebola @ Phi Beta Iota

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Oct 9

Owl: CDC Fraud on Global Scale? The Ebola Bubble… Questioning the Intelligence and the Integrity of “Dr.” Anthony Fauci

Who?  Who?

Who? Who?

So It Begins: the Rush is On to Vaccinate Everyone (Except the.01%) Against Ebola

Future historians may start the clock on when major repression of the people of the world using biologicals began when Dr. Anthony Fauci called for compulsory ebola vaccination, as mentioned here:

“Two days ago, Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the U.S. National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases, told The Canadian Press that it’s “quite conceivable, if not likely” that fast-tracked Ebola vaccines may have to given to entire countries to get the viral outbreak under control (via Modern Healthcare):

“It is conceivable that this epidemic will not turn around even if we pour resources into it. It may just keep going and going and it might require a vaccine.”

“As the epidemic gets more and more formidable and in some cases out of control it is quite conceivable, if not likely, that we may need to deploy the vaccine to the entire country to be able to shut the epidemic down. That is clearly a possibility.” [emphasis added]

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Oct 9

Robert Steele: Ebola, ISIS, & Dysfunctional Government

Robert Steele

Robert Steele

We have a perfect storm in the making. Among the ingredients:

01 Ebola for real — contagious, airborne, mutating.

02 Ebola from Fort Detrick — weaponized, perhaps planted in Africa and Venezuela.

03 Health “professionals” committing treason (CDC) and generally betraying the public trust (Spain, everywhere else).

04 Neo-cons, Zionists, Saudi Wahabbists, and  Turks intent on luring the USA into another ground war in the Middle East for varied reasons including profiteering, electioneering, as a distraction for internal disidents and as a cover for eradicating the Kurds (which is not possible).

05 Republicans that see the dysfunctionality of the Obama Administration on Ebola and ISIS as the perfect foundation for taking over the Senate in November.

06 Rogue elements of the US Government all too happy to use Ebola to dry run new martial law procedures.

07 Local law enforcement personnel fearful of Ebola on the one hand — to the point of refusing to contain — and being directed in an over-zealous manner using Ebola as a cover for achieving other disruptive ends.

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Oct 8

Stephen E. Arnold: EU Concludes Google is Hurting the Internet

Stephen E. Arnold

Stephen E. Arnold

Quote to Note: Users Want Relevant Results

October 6, 2014

I highlighted this remarkable, earth shaking statement from “Google+ Is Hurting the Internet.” Here’s the passage:

…they [users] prefer to get the most relevant results.

The information appears in a Web page presenting “objective study results” conducted for a European group.

The target is poor, old Google. The company has to pump up revenues and margins. Amazon and Facebook are embracing online advertising. The Google X moonshots have not delivered big bucks to the Mountain View redoubt. Mobile search behaves differently from the old fashioned pay to play content inspired by the GoTo, Overture, and Yahoo approach.

What to do?

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Oct 7