Antechinus: Toxic US Media — All Show No Substance



U.S. TV News and Communicative Architecture: Between Manufacturing Consent and Mediating Democracy

By sidelining communicative architectures that facilitate democracy and an informed electorate, dominant journalistic conventions are key components of propaganda, or the manufacture of consent. Cottle and Matthews argue that ‘communicative structures’ or ‘communicative architectures’, are an under-studied and under-recognised instrument for the manufacture of consent. The ‘classic reporting’ structure (57.2 %) involves brief updates on stories in the news cycle, which  “deliver at best thin accounts of events”. The ‘balance’ structure (18 %) ‘ contest and contention’, in which “opposing views and arguments [are] generally given approximately equal weight or representation”, but rarely presents more than two perspectives. “The exposé/investigation frame conforms to the idealized liberal democratic role of journalism as public watchdog where journalists actively set out to investigate, expose, and uncover information and practices that would not otherwise be revealed within the public domain. This includes traditional investigative journalism based on intensive research and exploratory fact-finding as well as exposé journalism of public or private affairs.” This accounted for just 0.4 %.

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May 18

Jon Rappoport: Huffington Post Censors Post on Connection between Merck, Vaccinations, and Autism

Jon Rappoport

Jon Rappoport

Merck, Huff Po, Vaxxed: the censorship connection

Six steps to Huff Po blackout heaven

Recently, long-time blogger/columnist for the Huffington Post, Lance Simmens, wrote an article in which he made positive comments about the film, Vaxxed (trailer).

Huffington Post censored Simmens’ article. His account with Huff Po was blocked without explanation.

Read full post for connections that make Huffington Post a “controlled” source.

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May 14

Berto Jongman: Verifying Videos

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Berto Jongman

Berto Jongman

Verification as a process: Tools and techniques to get to the truth

EMHub’s Claire Wardle detailed the steps and tools in verifying newsworthy footage at the recent FDLive event at The New York Times

During part of the recent FDLive training at The New York Times, Eyewitness Media Hub director Claire Wardle detailed five steps in the verification process: understanding the provenance of a picture or video and whether it is original; verifying the source; verifying the date it was captured; verifying where it was captured; and understanding the motivation of the eyewitness in taking it. The steps are laid out in the First Draft Verification Guide in more detail, and Wardle suggested a range of tools and techniques for journalists to work through the stages.

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May 4