Berto Jongman: TX Hammes on Future War — Many Small versus Few Expensive

Berto Jongman

Berto Jongman

The Future of Warfare: Small, Many, Smart vs. Few & Exquisite?


To illustrate how small, many, and smart are emerging as major shifts in warfare, this article will start by examining why it is now possible to create small, smart, and cheap platforms that have sufficient range and combat capability to fulfill the very challenging role of power projection. It will then examine the implications for U.S. defense.

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Mini-Me: If California Splits Into X States, This Opens X-1 Slots for States to Secede, Leaving 50 Stars Unchanged

Who?  Mini-Me?

Who? Mini-Me?


Plan to Split California Into Six States May Make 2016 Ballot

Zeninjor Enwemeka, 15 July 2014

A plan to split California into six separate states? Wait, what? The billionaire venture capitalist behind the idea said he had collected enough signatures to get the proposal on the 2016 ballot, Reuters reports.

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Yoda: Promise Language – Language of Commerce Rooted in Trust and Reputation

Got Crowd? BE the Force!

Got Crowd? BE the Force!

Promise Language – The Language of Commerce

Open source, free marketplace software.

How does one gain trust without an authority?

Commerce between anonymous people is possible with a P2P database and open source.

A public record of one’s previous transactions is reputation.

This is exchange software, payment processing software, and procurement software.  It provides reputation, but does much more than that.  Anything of value can be traded freely.  Value-added services can be provided by new and existing companies.  It works with today’s companies and allows new ones to thrive.

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