Owl: Video of Police Abuse — 3:31 — Powerful!

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Mar 22

Robert Parry: CIA at 50 – Politicized & Lost

Robert Parry

Robert Parry

CIA at 50, Lost in the ‘Politicization’ Swamp

From the Archive: Almost 20 years ago – even before the Iraq WMD fiasco – as the CIA was celebrating its half-century anniversary, the impact of a Reagan-era “reorganization” was being felt in the “politicization” of intelligence, Robert Parry wrote in 1997. Now, a new reorganization could make matters worse.

By Robert Parry (Originally published in 1997)

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Mar 14

Mini-Me: Stephen Slick on NCTC Lessons for CTIIC

Who?  Mini-Me?

Who? Mini-Me?

Steven Slick is former NSC Senior Director for Intelligence Programs and Reform at the White House (2005-2009).

The Intelligence Studies Essay #1: Steve Slick on Lessons that NCTC Holds for CTIIC

CTIIC: Learning from the Choices and Challenges that Shaped the National Counterterrorism Center

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Mar 8

Amazon is STUPID — Seek Help from Strangers

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Amazon Page

Amazon Page


Amazon is stupid. Several people who know me and bought the book have loaded reviews and had them rejected, evidently because their name comes up in association with mine in some stupid web search algorithm that Amazon uses to identify friends and family. It has not occurred to them that over 7,500 attended my conference until it was stolen from me, over 2,000 people are linked directly with me at LinkedIn, and so on. I have told Amazon that I don’t “have” friends and family that read my books, but their stupid algorithm evidently knows better.

Here is the specific review posted by a business associate who is also an occasional contributing editor here at Phi Beta Iota. It was posted cleanly the first time it was submitted, it was “cleansed” when I changed the cover and corrected some typos in the description — another stupid Amazon policy, they treat such changes as a “new” book and wipe out all reviews — and then refused when the author tried to repost it.

Review (Guest): OPEN POWER – Electoral Reform Act of 2015 – Open Source Activist Tool Kit

So here is the deal: I am seeking help from strangers — unless Amazon has an alliance with Google and NSA they have no idea you are one of the 14,000+ subscribers to Phi Beta Iota or one of the 2000+ constantly changing daily visitors to Phi Beta Iota. I am asking you to spend $2.99 to buy the book (this makes it a verified purchase when you load your review), and review it. The ideas in the ugly little booklet for the good of us all are in your hands.

Just for information, Amazon is rigging the system to flush all the original reviewers out of the system to make way for new reviewers. I started with them on 4 April 2000, 14 years ago, and as a result of my 2,000 plus reviews, am the #1 Amazon reviewer for non-fiction, reading in 98 categories.  I was #25 over-all (including all the folks that review toys, movies, software, and ficiton) until they started rigging the system. Among the “tricks” they use now is to declare anyone that votes for more than one of someone’s reviews to be a “fan” whose voters are no longer counted — I am honored to have over 670 “fans” disenfranchised by Amazon; to count negative reviews, the kiss of death for a serious non-fiction reviewer; and their latest trick, to not carry over reviews from one edition of the book to the next, thus destroying years of really deep contributions from tens of thousands of mature Amazon reviewers. This is not personal to me, they are screwing all the older reviewers who have given so much over the past fourteen years.

They have no stinkin’ integrity. Act as you see fit, and thank you.

Robert Steele

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Mar 2