IO Newsletter Vol 14 No 03

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IO Newsletter

IO Newsletter

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May 1

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 Articles included are:

1. Psychological Warfare Meets Hallmark: Colombia’s Christmas Ads Target Guerrillas
2. Pentagon’s Cyber Arm Poised to Expand Role
3. PLA Considers Setting Up Joint Command for Era Of Modern Warfare
4. DoD Hones Skills with Cyber Flag Exercise
5. General: Strategic Military Satellites Vulnerable to Attack in Future Space War
6. Rebooting Country Studies
7. Fridge Sends Spam, Cyber Attack Hits Smart Gadgets
8. Terabyte Leaks and Political Legitimacy in the U.S. and China
9. Election Coverage Shows Growth of New Afghan Media
10. The Pakistani Taliban’s P.R. Offensive
11. Russia to Create Cyberwarfare Units by 2017
12. U.S. Evaluates China’s EMP Threat
13. 39th IOS: Foundations for the Future
14. Russian Cyber Capabilities, Policy and Practice
15. National Guard Fights For Cyber Role In 2015 Budget
16. Red Star Rising: China’s Ascent To Space Superpower
17. Cyber Warfare and Information Security For India
18. Smarter Counterterrorism in the Age of Competing Al Qaeda’s
19. Treating America’s al Qaeda Addiction – Part 2 of “Smarter Counterterrorism”
20. S. Korea Pushes To Develop Offensive Cyberwarfare Tools
21. How America’s Soldiers Fight for the Spectrum on the Battlefield
22. Navy to Build Its ‘Information Dominance’ Forces Through New Command
23. Shelton Announces New Space Situational Awareness Satellite Program
24. Cyber in Waffle House land
25. Cyber Beyond Computers – The Environmental Aspect
26. Kiwi Spies Taught ‘Honey Trap’ Tricks – Snowden Documents
27. Army Issues Guidance on Cyberspace Operations
28. Inside the Army’s First Field Manual for Cyber Electromagnetic War
29. This Is the App That’s Fueling the Uprising in Venezuela

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Feb 28

IO Newsletter V 14 N 1

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IO-Newsletter-JPEG-300x225 PDF (49 Pages): ARSTRAT_IO_Newsletter_v14_no_01

In this issue:

1.      How to Fight Cyber War? Estonia Shows The Way
2.      Utilizing Social Media during Major Events
3.      Google Launches Project Shield Cybersecurity Initiative for ‘Free Expression’
4.      U.S.-Style Personal Data Gathering Is Spreading Worldwide
5.      How They Think: PME in the Modern PLA
6.      CNO Says Navy Needs Ground Forces’ Help On Cyber, Electronic Warfare
7.      The Nairobi Attack and Al-Shabab’s Media Strategy
8.      South Korea Says North Korea Developing Electromagnetic Pulse Weapons
9.      Saudi Experts Boost Their Skills in Electronic Warfare
10.     Fighting On the Cyber Battlefield: Weak States and Nonstate Actors Pose Threats
11.     US Governmental Information Operations and Strategic Communications: A Discredited Tool or User Failure? Implications for Future Conflict
12.     US Senators Warn On Huawei Deal with South Korea
13.     Cyberspace Warriors Graduate With Army’s Newest Military Occupational Specialty
14.     China Spins New Lesson from Soviet Union’s Fall
15.     Drawing Lessons from Zimbabwe’s War of Liberation: Efficacious Use of Propaganda and Violence
16.     Cyber Power in the Gulf
17.     Inside the Ring: China targets Global Hawk drone
18.     Army Reserve Units Earn Top Places
19.     SOCOM Web Initiative on Senate Chopping Block

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Dec 19

IO Newsletter Vol 13 No 10

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Articles in this issue:
1.      The Fanciful World of Cyber Warfare
2.      Electronic Warfare: The Cat-And-Mouse Game Continues
3.      Mysterious Actions of Chinese Satellites Have Experts Guessing
4.      Want to See China’s Latest Top-Secret Military Site? Just Google It
5.      Redhack Announces Election Software as Its Next Target
6.      Can the U.S. and China Get Along in Outer Space?
7.      Meet Hidden Lynx: The Most Elite Hacker Crew You’ve Never Heard Of
8.      Hacking U.S. Secrets, China Pushes for Drones
9.      Metadata May Not Catch Many Terrorists, but It’s Great at Busting Journalists’ Sources
10.     Fooled by Certainty
11.     One of the Few: The Cultural Support Team
12.     Voice of Russia Is a Great Contributor to Freedom Of Expression – British MP
13.     US and Turkey to Create Fund to Stem Extremism

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Oct 12

Information Operations Newsletter V 13 N 09

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IO-Newsletter-JPEG-300x225PDF  (45 Pages):  ARSTRAT_IO_Newsletter_v13_no_09

1. British Cops Admit They Monitor Facebook, Twitter
2. Hacking for Change – Could Revealing Cyber Capabilities Prevent Cyber War?
3. Anonymous vs. Los Zetas: The Revenge of the Hacktivists
4. Taiwan a ‘Testing Ground’ for Chinese Cyber Army
5. U.S. Repeals Propaganda Ban, Spreads Government-Made News to Americans
6. House Fails To Kill Pentagon’s Foreign Websites
7. Out of Sight
8. Scenario Puts Energy, Politics in Hackers’ Cross Hair
9. Private Cyber Retaliation Undermines Federal Authority
10. US Spends $24 Million on ‘Propaganda Plane’ Few Can See or Hear
11. Cyber-Sabotage Is Easy
12. China Launches New Online Portal for Petitioners
13. How the Nature of Warfare is Changing in the Information Age
14. Tweet Offensive: Social Media Is Israeli Military’s Newest Weapon
15. Cyber Attacks in Space
16. Moscow Subway to Use Devices to Read Data on Phones
17. Online Jihad
18. If The Chinese Army Is Trying To Hack A Missouri Water Plant, What Else Is It Infiltrating?
19. NSA Leaks Make Plan for Cyberdefense Unlikely
20. Winning without Fighting: The Chinese Psychological Warfare Challenge
21. China Prepares for Psychological Warfare
22. China Launches Three ASAT Satellites
23. Electronic Warfare Development Targets Fully Adaptive Threat Response Technology
24. Military Education Falls Short on Cybersecurity Training
25. Why It’s Important to Herd the Social Media Sheep
26. Syrian Rebels Also Fighting Al Qaeda, Other Hard-Liners for Villagers’ Hearts and Minds
27. Applications of the Memetic Perspective in Inform and Influence Operations
28. Here’s How One Hacker Is Waging War on the Syrian Government

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Sep 2