Yoda: Ukraine = China Wins, Central Asia Arms

Got Crowd? BE the Force!

Got Crowd? BE the Force!


China May Be Biggest Winner From Ukraine Crisis


By Mike Eckel

Thousands of miles away from the Ukrainian battlefields of Donetsk and Novoazovsk sits the country that may end up being the largest beneficiary of the turmoil along Russia’s southwest border: China.

With Russian President Vladimir Putin rewriting the playbook on security in post-Cold War Europe, Beijing has watched warily 3,700 miles to the east, though without protest or interference.

Its abstention from a U.N. Security Council resolution vote in March that condemned Russia’s annexation of Crimea was unusual, given Beijing’s traditional stance on such votes, but it comes as bilateral ties have been on the upswing for years now.

Two generations ago, ties between Leonid Brezhnev’s Russia and Mao Zedong’s China were fraught. The two fought small-scale skirmishes in 1969 along the Ussuri River border (the Wusuli in Chinese) that almost resulted in war.

That’s a distant memory now.

“China may win out” from the Ukraine crisis? asked Martha Brill Olcott, a longtime scholar of Russia and Central Asian politics. “I think the word is ‘will.’ China ‘will’ absolutely benefit.”

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Sep 3

Edward Snowden with Jim Bamford in WIRED: Next NSA Revelations “Would Be the Death of All of Them Politically”

Click on Image to Enlarge

Click on Image to Enlarge

The most wanted man in the world

Jim Bamford

WIRED, 13 August 2014


“It’s like the boiling frog,” Snowden tells me. “You get exposed to a little bit of evil, a little bit of rule-breaking, a little bit of dishonesty, a little bit of deceptiveness, a little bit of disservice to the public interest, and you can brush it off, you can come to justify it. But if you do that, it creates a slippery slope that just increases over time, and by the time you’ve been in 15 years, 20 years, 25 years, you’ve seen it all and it doesn’t shock you. And so you see it as normal. And that’s the problem, that’s what the Clapper event was all about. He saw deceiving the American people as what he does, as his job, as something completely ordinary. And he was right that he wouldn’t be punished for it, because he was revealed as having lied under oath and he didn’t even get a slap on the wrist for it. It says a lot about the system and a lot about our leaders.”

Read full article with many new revelations.

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Aug 13

Evan Ellis: China Fills Vacuum in Latin America

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Evan Ellis

Evan Ellis

In the article, just published by the University of Miami Center for Hemispheric Policy, as part of their “Perspectives on the Americas” series, I review the key promises and proposals associated with Chinese President Xis recent trip to Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela and Cuba, as well as their implications for the strategic position of the U.S. in the region.

“China Fills the Vacuum Left by the United States in Latin America”

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Aug 12

Chuck Spinney: Wallerstein on China-Russia Grand Strategy

Chuck Spinney

Chuck Spinney

The self-referencing chattering class is up in arms about the $400 billion Russia-China gas deal, seeing it and the associated Russia-China alliance as a threat to the grand strategic ambitions of the United States to remain, in the words of President Obama at West Point, the world’s “indispensable”* power.  Taking place against the immediate backdrop of the prevailing US narrative** describing the Ukraine Crisis and Russia’s annexation of Crimea, the gas deal is manna from heaven for the unreconstructed cold warriors and neocons in the press, the Pentagon, the defense industry, and the State Department who are fanning anti-Russian/anti-Putin hysteria with prognostications that the US, being on the cusp of a new Cold War, should not cut back its defense spending or its propensity to meddle in the affairs of others.

Viewed thru Russian and Chinese eyes, however, the gas deal may be part of a defensive grand strategy aimed at evolving pathways around Russia’s “NATO expansion problem” and China’s “pivot east” problem.  The attached essay by Immanuel Wallerstein, a traditional ‘balance of power’ scholar (in the best sense of the phrase), presents a fascinating speculation in this regard.  Only time will tell if he is on to something, but his hypothesis is well worth thinking about.

I have reformatted Wallerstein’s essay to highlight his main points … if you find this distracting, the original is at this link.

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Jun 2

Jim Dean: Asian Boomerang — China Calls for Security Alliance with Iran and Russia — Changes Dynamics for Afghanistan, Middle East, North Africa

Jim W. Dean

Jim W. Dean

China Calls for Security Alliance with Iran, Russia

Editor’s Note: Well, it looks like Obama the Peacemaker image took another hit today. China, which has no overseas military bases and no carrier battle groups sailing the seas to defend its customers, considers itself a target and not a threat. Imagine that!

The US “divide and conquer” ploy with the Asia Pivot is turning into Obama’s Asia Boomerang. The land of freedom and democracy has turned into the major stimulus on the planet for forming defensive military alliances.

It seems they don’t want to buy one of our “Sanctions-R-US” franchises. The Founding Fathers are turning over in their graves.

Maybe it’s all a trick. Maybe “they” want to divert China and Russia’s capital investment away from peaceful business endeavors and whiz it out the window, following the example of the $2 trillion we blew on the military industrial complex over the last decade with no credible threats on the planet.

Good gosh, what group in America would want to do that when our bridges are falling down and the highway trust fund is almost empty… the list goes on and on. Take a look at the companies that the Bush (43) thugs are all involved with, before and after. They seem to have done well.

Don’t be surprised to hear brain dead Congressional candidates screaming about how we must rearm American to protect ourselves from the yellow horde building unsinkable inner tubes to float millions of Chinese secret DNA commandos across the Pacific to invade America. 

The think tanks are sharpening their pens and swords to scare Americans into putting what money they have left into their various coffers by going on their Asian Jihad. Americans need to form a security alliance of their own here at home to defend ourselves against “you know who”… Jim W. Dean ]

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May 22

Berto Jongman: Pig Virus Killed 7 Million US Piglets Last Year — Other Nations Starting to Worry

Berto Jongman

Berto Jongman

Concerns grow in Europe over threat from deadly pig virus

France is expected to suspend pig-related imports from a number of countries as worries grow over the spread of a deadly swine virus.

Porcine Epidemic Diarrhoea Virus (PEDv) has killed some seven million piglets in the US in the past year.

The disease has also been found in Canada, Mexico and Japan.

While the virus isn’t harmful to humans or food, France is concerned over the potential economic impact and is set to suspend imports of live pigs and sperm.

Click on Image to Enlarge

Click on Image to Enlarge

PEDv is spread in faecal matter and attacks the guts of pigs, preventing them from absorbing liquids and nutrients.

Older animals can survive but fatality rates among piglets run between 80% and 100%.

So virulent is the agent that one expert estimated that a spoonful of infected manure would be enough to sicken the entire US herd.

The disease is believed to have its origins in China, according to the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE).

“According to the information from genetic analyses, there is some similarity with a strain from Asia,” director-general Dr Bernard Vallat told BBC News.

“But the evidence of the crossing from Asia to the US is not yet established. For the moment it is not possible to make a final conclusion on the formal link, it is a suspicion.”

In North America, the disease has moved rapidly, with around 4,000 outbreaks in 30 US states, in four Canadian provinces and in parts of Mexico.

Virus on the move

Read rest of article.

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May 4

Sterling Seagrave: Chinese Cornering Gold, Saudi Rejection of Petro-Dollars, Eastern Gold-Backed Currencies

Sterling Seagrave

Sterling Seagrave

Have a nice day!

Cornering the Gold Market: China Close to Buying Half of World Gold Production

In 2013, China bought 1,132 tonnes of the precious metal, making it the biggest buyer of gold in the world. According to the World Gold Council, demand for gold bullion in China will increase by 20% by 2017 to 1,350 tonnes annually. (Source: World Gold Council, April 15, 2014.)

Saudi Petro-Dollar Rejection and The Arrival Of Eastern Gold-Backed Currencies – Jim Willie CB

Systemic failure and its pathogenesis have been over 50 years in progress, with countless events. The origin is found with the cabal murder Kennedy, but the climax finale will be found with the Saudi Petro-Dollar rejection and the arrival of Eastern gold-backed currencies.

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Apr 28