Jim Dean: Alexander Orlov on USA Implosion in Middle East — “Going, Going, Gone…”

Jim W. Dean

Jim W. Dean

NEO – USA in Mid East – Going, Going, Gone

[Veteran’s Today Editor’s note:  Alexander brings us more analysis from the Russian perspective at this critical time. The US seems to be rolling the dice in a desperate game to create instability on Russia’s border, establish an offensive base in the Ukraine, threaten Russia gas markets in Europe, and give Putin some payback for his solid support of Syria.

The famous quote of Carl von Clausewitz comes to mind, “War is the continuation of politics by other means.”

But I think 21st century America will be remembered for raising sanctions up to the level of conducting war and occupying a targeted country at the same time, while using the least amount of military power.

General Smedley Butler, USMC

General Smedley Butler, USMC

America seems hell bent on conducting economic warfare across the globe, where our military has been relegated to the thug status that Marine General Smedley Butler described in his famous expose, War is a Racket. The modern Madison Avenue PR people had their fun trying to disguise the dirty deeds, with feints like calling them “color revolutions” versus the assaults that they really are.

But the bloom is off the rose now. We see the ugliness of it all for what it really is… just plain ugly. We also see that it is not being done for our benefit in any way. On the contrary, it never was.

We have been plantation assets to be used however the elites have wanted. And this endless game of serfdom will never end until we refuse to play the game… Jim W. Dean ]

US is losing its positions in the Middle East due to the Ukrainian Crisis

… by  Alexander Orlov,    … with  New Eastern Outlook, Moscow

By taking an extremely hostile position against Russia in the Ukrainian crisis, Washington has managed to hasten the reorientation of Moscow towards the East, especially the Mid East.

Iran is among the states that can expect the future development of bilateral relations with Russia, since it is one of the most influential countries in the region.

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Apr 26

Jim Dean: Iranian Defensive Weapons Update — PSYOP or Not, Iran is Not Iraq —

Jim W. Dean

Jim W. Dean

[ Editors Note:  Once again we see a steady stream of evidence coming out of Iran as to how our wonderfully unbrilliant threatening foreign policy has forced them into a “Manhattan Project” level commitment to increase its domestically manufactured defensive weapons systems.

At the top of the list has been missile development following the Russian model, to get the best bang for their buck in defeating air attacks from planes and missiles. I would suspect that they are designing modular upgrades into all of these so they are a parts change upgradable wherever possible.

Iran’s deep scientific bench has been tasked with developing not only state of the art defensive weapons, but even better. This means they are working on the breakthrough fuels for speeds that are needed to defeat standard missile defenses.

With the best Russian missiles, by the time a pilot hears the first beep that he is being tracked, he only has two to three seconds to live, not even enough time to get out of the plane.

Defenses against these will certainly be developed…for getting them one at a time. But especially for ships, having a blizzard of these coming at you will overwhelm its defenses.  Mass production of these reasonably priced weapons will once again create demands for more expensive platforms for our defense contractors to make. But they will not really be for defense, as there are no offensive threats out there.

Our military has been morphed into an offensive one, but they have not told that to the troops, and I doubt they will. They have been reduced to being the muscle for the mega business elites…mercenaries with very nice wrapping paper. They will eventually figure this out, but many won’t mind as long as the checks don’t bounce…



A high-ranking Iranian military commander says the Islamic Republic is developing a new version of the powerful and high-precision Sayyad (Hunter) missile to be mounted on indigenous S-200 missile defense systems.

Commander of Khatam al-Anbiya Air Defense Base Brigadier General Farzad Esmaili said on Friday that Iranian defense experts are working on the development of Sayyad-3 missile.

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Apr 19

NIGHTWATCH: India Begins Military Support for Afghanistan — Robert Steele Comments

Click on Image to Enlarge

Click on Image to Enlarge

India-Afghanistan: Indian Minister of External Affairs Slaman Khurshid said on 15 February that India will provide helicopters to Afghanistan.

“We are giving them helicopters and we will be supplying them very soon,” Khurshid told reporters accompanying him on a day-long visit to the Afghan city of Kandahar, where he inaugurated an agricultural university built with Indian aid. “We also have been giving them some logistical support and we hopefully will be able to upgrade and refurbish their transport aircraft.”

Khurshid did not specify the number or type of helicopters to be provided to Afghanistan. Nor did he elaborate on transport aircraft contracts.

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Feb 18

David Swanson: US Love of War Based on Myths? More to the Point: Corrupt Choices Defended with Myths

David Swanson

David Swanson

Mythological Basis of Foreign Policy

Is U.S. foreign policy based on myths?

Public pressure has helped push back against a bill in Congress that would have torn up the negotiated agreement with Iran by imposing yet more sanctions on the people of that country. The people of this country are not eager for another war, and have not accepted that sanctions lead away from war rather than into it.

But supporters and opponents of that bill tend to agree that Iran has a nuclear weapons program, and that this program must be stopped by one means or another.  This underlying assumption is not supported by any evidence and never has been.  We’ve heard it propounded for over thirty years, and the repetition has had its intended effect, but any evidence at all has always been lacking. A belief without evidence is a myth.

Iran has a nuclear energy program because the U.S. and European governments wanted Iran to have a nuclear energy program. The U.S. nuclear industry took out full-page ads in U.S. publications bragging about Iran’s support for such an enlightened and progressive energy source. The U.S. was pushing for major expansion of Iran’s nuclear program just before the Iranian revolution of 1979.

Since the Iranian revolution, the U.S. government has opposed Iran’s nuclear energy program and misled the public about the existence of a nuclear weapons program in Iran.  This story is well-told in Gareth Porter’s new book, Manufactured Crisis: The Untold Story of the Iran Nuclear Scare, and by Porter is his upcoming interview this week on Talk Nation Radio.

The U.S. assisted Saddam Hussein’s Iraq in a war against Iran in the 1980s, in which Iraq attacked Iran with chemical weapons.  Iran’s religious leaders had declared that chemical, biological, and nuclear weapons must not be used, even in retaliation.  And they were not. Iran could have responded to Iraqi chemical attacks with chemical attacks of its own and chose not to.

Iran is committed to not using or possessing weapons of mass destruction. The results of inspections bear that out. Iran’s willingness to put restrictions on its legal nuclear energy program — a willingness present both before and after sanctions — bears that out. Inspections should continue. All steps should be taken to move the world toward safe and sustainable energy sources. But can we drop the idea that Iran wants to nuke us?

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Feb 10