Karl Denninger: The Search for Unicorns

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karl-denninger1The Search For Unicorns


Arithmetic is truth folks.  It cannot be swayed by political argument nor by appeals to authority.  All such attempts that fail the essential test of fundamental algebra must be challenged and exposed as unworkable.  Further, those who proposed such fundamentally-disprovable theorems must be called out; we must insist that they either repudiate their position, disprove what appears to be an irrefutable mathematical fact that their claims are unworkable, or admit the actual motivational factor that was behind their attempted sales job.

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Mar 14

Harold Meyerson: The Big Skim — How Financial Scams Suck Money from Corporations Instead of Investing in Capability and Jobs

Harold Meyerson

Shareholders’ big skim

As a result of the shareholder revolution, the money that once went to expansion and new ventures has gone instead into shareholders’ pockets.

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Mar 12

Russia Today: 33% of US 16 & Up Not Working

RT logo33% of Americans out of workforce, highest rate since 1978

The number of Americans aged 16 and older not participating in the labor force hit 92,898,000 in February, tying December’s record, according to data released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

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Mar 7

CounterPunch: Deep Green Resistance – Confronting Industrialism

logo counterpunchIf You Can’t Clean It Up, Don’t Make It

Confronting Industrialism


Q: What do you call someone who puts poison in the subways of Tokyo?  A: A terrorist.  Q: What do you call someone who puts poison (cyanide) into groundwater?  A: A capitalist: CEO of a gold mining corporation.  Read full article.

BOOK: Deep Green Resistance: Strategy to Save the Planet

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Mar 7