Jean Lievens: WISE – Global Platform for Innovators in Education

Jean LievensWISE: The Global Platform For Innovators In Education

Rahim Kanani

Forbes, 5 July 2013

“Many projects around the world provide solutions in local contexts.  It is our mission to showcase these achievements, and to bring committed but often isolated innovators, their ideas and creative solutions to the greater community,” explained Stavros Yiannouka, CEO of the World Innovation Summit of Education, which is an initiative of the Qatar Foundation. We talked about the evolution of the Summit, education innovation around the world, challenges to global progress, and why partnership and collaboration are critical to scaling solutions.

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Jean Lievens: Airbnb CEO on Sharing Economy – Starting with Education as a Global Traveling Experience

Jean LievensAirbnb does business in 34,000 cities, has a valuation of over 10 billion dollars, and in a very short time has disrupted the world of hospitality and travel. Its co-founder and CEO Brian Chesky envisions the future city as a place where sharing is front and center — where people become micro-entrepreneurs, the local mom and pops will flourish once again, where space isn’t wasted, but shared, and more of almost everything is produced, except waste. But the journey from here to there won’t be all smooth sailing. What are the ups and downs of the sharing economy, as businesses like Airbnb confront critiques about regulation, economic development, and fairness? What role might businesses play in creating more shareable, more livable cities? How will the sharing economy, with its de-emphasis on ownership, be a tool for addressing urban inequality?