SchwartzReport: South America Rising + New World Order II Meta-RECAP

schwartzreport newThe America media, like a long chain of administrations, never really seems to understand the South American psyché, in all of its national complexity, nor what is going on there. So there is very little coverage or attention, and what there is trades in stereotypes and shallow commentary. In contrast I think the nations of our Southern Hemisphere, are undergoing an extraordinary transition, which constitutes one of the most interesting geopolitical developments going on. As you read this keep in mind Uruguay’s recent legalization of marijuana.

Ecuador’s President Denounces Chevron As ‘Enemy of Our Country’
Agence France-Presse (France)

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Aug 19

Berto Jongman: (YouTube 1:04:07) Christian Film on Muslim Terrorist Camps in USA (Part 1) – Part 2 (9:29) Also

Berto Jongman

Berto Jongman

35 Islmaic comunes across 22 states

Published on Dec 9, 2012

Scattered around the United States, unknown by most Americans, are dozens of Islamic terrorist-training compounds known as “Muslims of the Americas.” Under the leadership of a radical Pakistani cleric, Sheikh Mubarik Gilani, Muslims of the Americas has thousands of devoted followers who are being groomed for homegrown jihad.

In never-before-seen video footage, Christian Action Network exposes these dangerous terrorist compounds and reveals for the first time a secret training tape in which American Muslims are recruited to “join one of the most advanced training courses in Islamic military warfare”… right here in America.

Part 2:

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Jun 2

Mini-Me: High-Tech CEOs Create Congressional Incentive Fund on Immigration

Who?  Mini-Me?

Who? Mini-Me?


Mark Zuckerberg and Other Tech Giants Form Political Advocacy Group

Mark Zuckerberg is on a mission to reform U.S. immigration policy. The Facebook co-founder has announced the official launch of, a political advocacy group that aims to foster technology innovation and entrepreneurialism. News of the group was first reported late last month by the San Francisco Chronicle.

In an opinion piece today in the Washington Post, Zuckerberg recalled a young student he was mentoring as part of an entrepreneurship program who said he probably won’t be able to attend college because his family moved to the U.S. from Mexico, and he is undocumented. “We have a strange immigration policy for a nation of immigrants,” Zuckerberg wrote. “And it’s a policy unfit for today’s world.”

Founding with Zuckerberg are LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman, Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt and Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer, among several other tech leaders. The group says it plans to work with Congressional leaders, the Obama administration and state and local officials to support policy changes.

Zuckerberg outlined three of the group’s objectives:Comprehensive immigration reform that begins with effective border security, provides a path to citizenship and helps the U.S. attract skilled workers, no matter where they were born.Higher standards and accountability in public schools, support for good teachers and a greater focus on teaching science, technology, engineering and math.Investment in breakthrough discoveries in scientific research and assurance that the benefits of the inventions belong to the public.

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Apr 14

Berto Jongman: Japan Planning Forced Evacuation of 40 Million

Berto Jongman

Russia Stunned After Japanese Plan To Evacuate 40 Million Revealed

China said to offer up the “ghost cities” immediately capable of ingesting this number.

By: Sorcha Faal, 15 April 2012

A new report circulating in the Kremlin today prepared by the Foreign Ministry on the planned re-opening of talks with Japan over the disputed Kuril Islands during the next fortnight states that Russian diplomats were “stunned” after being told by their Japanese counterparts that upwards of 40 million of their peoples were in “extreme danger” of life threatening radiation poisoning and could very well likely be faced with forced evacuations away from their countries eastern most located cities…including the world’s largest one, Tokyo.

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Apr 15

Reference: World Almanac of Islamism + RECAP

Click on Image to Enlarge

The American Foreign Policy Council’s World Almanac of Islamism is a comprehensive resource designed to track the rise or decline of radical Islam on a national, regional and global level. This database focuses on the nature of the contemporary Islamist threat around the world, and on the current activities of radical Islamist movements worldwide.

Click here to see former Secretary of Homeland Security Tom Ridge discuss the value of the World Almanac of Islamism

Tip of the Hat to Berto Jongman.

Phi Beta Iota:  This is terribly shallow.  It’s also so out of context as to be nearly useless.  A more sophisticated focus would track where the top Islamic families have their wealth invested; populations of nominally assimilated as well as blatantly non-assimilated Muslims, and future potential for severe disruption from Muslim immigrants, both legal and illegal, growing so rapidly as to be inevitably destabilizing.  For over a decade we have been calling for religious intelligence and counter-intelligence.    Governments are not taking this seriously, and in the USA at least, do not have a population policy or a credible security strategy for immigration of all sorts.

See Also:

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Sep 13

Chuck Spinney: Israel Crosses Line Into Fascism

Chuck Spinney

Israel likes to pride itself by claiming it is the only democracy in the Middle East … Uri Avnery, a hero of the 1948 War, a former member of the Knesset, and a prominent peace activist, describes how that claim is becoming a hollow shell.

July 18, 2011

The Israeli Boycott Law

It [Fascism] Can Happen Here



Years ago I said that there are but two miracles in Israel: the Hebrew language and democracy.

Hebrew had been a dead language for many generations, more or less like Latin, when it was still used in the Catholic church. Then, suddenly, concurrent with the emergence of Zionism (but independently) it sprang back to life. This never happened to any other language.

Theodor Herzl laughed at the idea that Jews in Palestine would speak Hebrew. He wanted us to speak German. “Are they going to ask for a railway ticket in Hebrew?” he scoffed.

Well, we now buy airline tickets in Hebrew. We read the Bible in its Hebrew original and enjoy it tremendously. As Abba Eban once said, if King David were to come to life in Jerusalem today, he could understand the language spoken in the street. Though with some difficulty, because our language gets corrupted, like most other languages.

Anyhow, the position of Hebrew is secure. Babies and Nobel Prize laureates speak it.

The fate of the other miracle is far less assured.

* * *

THE FUTURE – indeed, the present – of Israeli democracy is shrouded in doubt.

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Jul 18

Turkey Rising–21st Century an Ottoman Century?

Chuck Spinney Recommends...

Turkey in Position to Lead Region Out of Tumultuous Century

By William Pfaff, Truthdig, Jun 14, 2011

Looking backward, there is a great deal to be said for leaving well enough alone, which is more difficult than one might think. Western Europe in the 19th century is now generally looked back upon as having constituted a pinnacle of Western civilization. Certainly in literature, music and the plastic arts this was so, the last-named in the century’s final decade, when painting ceased its period as domestic decoration and exploded into a myriad of ways to perceive not only the external world but the interior universe as well.

The modern Western intelligence was invented then, and the world has since played variations on 19th century political themes: nationalism, colonialism, imperialism, populism, class liberation, revolution, anarchism, class and racial warfare. The Napoleonic wars began the century and transformed its political institutions. The Franco-Prussian War ended the century, setting the scene for the hyper-destructive 20th century.

. . . . . . .

There is a Muslim community of peace for Turkey to inspire.

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Phi Beta Iota: Science and religion and philosophy, when at their best, seek to establish “best truths.”  All three have been corrupted by politics, dogma, and laziness.  Peace costs one third of what is now spent on war, and infinite wealth for the many can only be achieved in the context of a universal peace.  If Turkey, Malaysia, Indonesia, and India come together on this point, Islam will be a global force in the 21st Century, not least because it will control secular corruption.

See Also:

Pfaff via Spinney at Phi Beta Iota

William Pfaff,  The Irony of Manifest Destiny: The Tragedy of America’s Foreign Policy (Walker & Co, 2010)

Event: 26 Oct 2011 Assisi Italy Pope, Peace, & Prayer — 5th Inter-Faith Event Since 1986 — Terms of Reference…

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Jun 18