Eagle: Max Boot on Ten Lessons for Counterinsurgency

300 Million Talons...

300 Million Talons…

More Small Wars: Counterinsurgency Is Here to Stay

Max Boot

Foreign Affairs, November/December 2014

Since Washington doesn’t have the luxury of simply avoiding insurgencies, then, the best strategy would be to fight them better. Drawn from more than a decade of war, here are ten lessons for how to do so, which U.S. policymakers, soldiers, diplomats, and spies should keep in mind as they try to deal with the chaotic conflicts to come.

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Nov 12

Chuck Spinny: Netanyahu as Chickenshit –The Gamble

Chuck Spinney

Chuck Spinney


Uri Avnery, Gush Shalom, 01 November 2014,

[The author is a former member of Irgun, a hero of the 1948 war, a former member of Knesset, and is today Israel’s leading peace activist

WHEN A high-ranking official of one country calls the leader of another country “chickenshit”, it may be assumed that the relations between the two countries are not at their best. In fact, they may be considered somewhat less than cordial.

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Nov 1

Robert Steele: Ebola Today – Alex Jones Today UPDATE: Vaccines, Earth Healing

Robert Steele

Robert Steele

UPDATE 7 OCT 14 to add vaccines and vitamin c, infection and mutation rate, additional references from Berto Jongman, Marcus Aurelius, and Owl.

From where I sit, there are four threads to be explored in relation to Ebola; I will be discussing these with Alex Jones at 1 pm EST tomorrow.

01 CDC incompetence and outright treason — malicious deception and misinformation

02 Saudi importation of Ebola via diplomatic pouch and the infection of 20 Saudi students hidden among the 100,000 or so that are already in the US, entrenched, and invisible to US counterintelligence and what passes for homeland security

03 False flag treason by rogue elements of the US Government perhaps funded covertly by rogue private sector elements, NOT approved by the White House or the Cabinet level — possibly the same people that could have unleashed Ebola in Africa as a test of the new weaponized variations for which vaccines exist in short supply for the favored few. The Nazi hydra could be buried in here someplace.

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Oct 6

SchwartzReport: Why Obama Will Lose to ISIS — Indeed, How He Will Empower and Enlarge ISIS…

Stephan A. Schwartz

Stephan A. Schwartz

I started out today writing a short essay on my views about this new war, then came across this, with which I agree. It makes my main point: You would think after 11 years of war in the Islamic world, we would learn something about the culture and how to work with it. Apparently not. I think one really has to ask now: Cui bono? Who benefits?

Why Obama Will Lose His Endless War in Syria and Iraq
STEVE WEISSMAN – Reader Supported News

Never bet on another man’s game,” my father loved to say. It’s a lesson Barack Obama never learned, especially in his military strikes against Islamic State.

Islamic State, or ISIL, has only one way to keep the support of Iraq’s Sunni tribesmen and former Baathist supporters of Saddam Hussein. The blood-thirsty ‘fools of God” need to be seen defending their people against a Western invasion, which is precisely what Obama gives them.

He plays the role they purposely provoked with their brutal beheadings, summary executions, and sickening use of mass rape to keep their fighters happy. He becomes the foreign, Christian crusader defiling a Muslim land, and he does it in company with Iranian as well as Iraqi Shiites, whom Islamic State despises as heretics, and with the blessing of Sunni Arab leaders it correctly sees as outrageously corrupt.

In other words, the more jihadis Obama kills, the more Sunnis that Obama recruits to their ranks. Not a winning strategy.

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Sep 15