2014 Robert Steele Open Letter to Vice President of the United States of America Joe Biden, The White House

Robert David STEELE Vivas

Robert David STEELE Vivas

SHORT URL: http://tinyurl.com/OSA-Biden

These materials were delivered via certified mail to the Office of the Vice President on Monday 5 May 2014.

There is a better than even chance that the IC “minder” controlling the Vice President’s correspondence intercepted the package and the Vice President is therefore unwitting of this official certified as delivered communication.

1 May 2014 Letter to VP
Biden Six Slides
Open Source Agency Synopsis 2014
2014 Smart Nation Act (Simplified)
USPS Shipment Info for 9502600036814121000268

ADDENDUM: The OSA will be the premier decision-support organization in the world, promulgating the proven process of decision-support (requirements definition, collection management, source discovery and validation, multi-source fusion, geospatially-rooted processing, inter-disciplinary analysis, and open transparent action-enabling production). The OSA will also be the only USG element that provides Congress and the Executive with identical decision-support also shared with the public, and the only USG element that is “all in” on M4IS2/OSE. For those that have asked about personnel, tables of organization, budgets, etcetera — at this level of play, decisions are made on one line and a number. OMB has set the numbers — $125M IOC toward $2-3B FOC. My personal view is that the organization should consist of no more than  120 full-time personnel within the HQ element on the South-Central Campus. Spending will be focused on individual minds in every clime and place, and on incentivizing coalitions among the eight tribes across all boundaries. The School of Future-Oriented Hybrid Governance, the World Brain Institute, and the EarthGame will be independent subsidized elements manned by rotational personnel on sabatical — gatherings of eagles from across all nations, agencies, disciplines, and domains.

M4IS2: Multinational, Multiagency, Multidisciplinary, Multidomain Information-Sharing and Sense-Making

OSE: Open Source Everything — the only affordable, inter-operable, scalable, and therefore sustainable global approach to engineering

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May 17

Reference: Four Letters That Changed Nothing

Appendix: Game Changing Letters that Flopped

Note:  These letters were to be included as appendices to illuminate how those in power refuse to consider, much less embrace, radical constructive ideas, however essential they might be to the 99%.    All four of these leaders – a Pope, the Secretary General of the United Nations, a sitting President of the United States of America, and a multi-billionaire with a flair for innovation – have probably not even seen these letters because they inhabit a CLOSED world.  They are surrounded by courtiers who are threatened by new ideas, and who reject all that they do not understand.

In an OPEN world, each of these individual would hear from a million voices, asking them to read the letter addressed to them, and to hold a summit for public discussion of the letter.

This post is the full text online version for ease of automated translation.  Links to the actual versions on letterhead are below the line with their full-text version.

Amazon Book Page [release date 5 June 2012]

Phi Beta Iota Book Page with Original 60 Slides (Down to 33 in Final Book)

Who’s Who in Collective Intelligence: Robert David STEELE Vivas

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Feb 2

2011 from 1999: Setting the Stage for Information-Sharing in the 21 st Century (Full Text Online)

Setting the Stage for Information-Sharing in the 21 st Century:
Three Issues of Common Concern to DoD and the Rest of the World

Robert D. Steele

The more I read and talk to people as I work up for this the more I think it comes down to three issues:

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Nov 4

Reference: Open Source Agency Synopsis (Full Text Online for Google Translate)

Open Source Intelligence Requires an Open Source Agency

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Oct 24

#OWS #ElectoralReform Strategy Memorandum

Restoring the Republic – One  People – One Voice – One Community

Grand Strategy is about combining means (inputs) and ways
to achieve ends (outcomes).

In very general terms, the strategic outcomes that appear to be sought by the mélange of participants in the emerging nation-wide—even global—rebellion against the existing system—center around social justice as in justice for society at large.  This is essentially a repudiation of the existing system in three parts: the electoral system that perpetuates a two-party tyranny; the governance system that trades 5% earmarks for 95% discounted disbursements of the public treasure; and a banking and corporate system that refuses to factor in both true costs to the public, or consider the public interest.  It is a rigged system of, by, and for the 1%.

There are at least three outcomes that can be considered and two ways.

Constitutional Amendment.  In the ideal, the corruption of the legislative and executive processes must be removed by enacting a Constitutional Amendment.  In the USA, enacting an amendment requires either passage by two thirds of both the Senate and the House of Representatives, followed by approval by three-fourths of all state legislatures.  Since the two-party tyranny owns both the federal and the state legislatures, it is virtually certain  that this will never come to pass in isolation.  It could, however, be made possible by first pursuing Electoral Reform.

Electoral Reform Act.  Over the past thirty years a number of very specific proposals have been made to expand the existing two-party electoral system rife with fraud at all levels.  Nine specific measures have been put together by a team drawing on best available sources.  Those nine measures include:

01  Open Ballot Access
02  Make It Easier to Vote
03  Honest Open Debates
04  Instant Run-Off/Paper Ballots
05  Expanded Debates (Cabinet)
06  Full and Balanced Representation
07  Tightly-Drawn Districts
08  Full Public Funding of Diverse Candidates
09  No Legislation without Consultation

A tenth provision would have an honest Congress and an honest Executive championing the Constitutional Amendment, but passing the Electoral Reform Act of 2012 in time for Phase I (provisions 01-05) to take effect for November 2012.  This objective is achievable!  A nation-wide demand presented by 6 November with a demand for resolution by 15 February—or face a General Strike—has a possibility for success such as has never existed here-to-fore.  This has the added advantage of opening the way for an Independent candidate for President, and for opening ballot access to the full spectrum of potential candidates, not just those approved by the two-party system, thereby cleansing the Senate and House of Representatives of corrupt partisans.

Secession & Nullification.  There are no fewer than ten active secessionist movements in the USA:

01  Alaska
02  Florida
03  Georgia
04  Hawaii
05  League of the South
06  South Carolina
07  Texas
08  Vermont
09  Republic of Lakotah
10  Pacific Northwest/Cascadia

Among them, Alaska, Hawaii, and Vermont are the most persistent.  States also have the right to nullify federal mandates, and in the future we may see the Western states and especially Alaska repossess state lands set aside as federal preserves.  A dissolution of the USA is unlikely at this time, but could become a reality if there is a total collapse of the economy and the government, at which point localized resilience movements will spring up and independence from federal taxation and federal regulation will become the norm.

Ways to the first two ends include a General Strike (massive absenteeism) and a General Boycott (of all corporate goods less true essentials, withdrawal of all funds from banks and stocks)—or both.

Electoral Reform as a capital demand, presented by 6 November and demanded by 15 February, is in my view the only means of avoiding secession and eventually securing a Constitutional Amendment.  St.

Original as Published

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Oct 11