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Robert David STEELE Vivas

Robert David STEELE Vivas

Reflections: Seven Steps to US Intelligence Reform

I was quite surprised to see multiple searches using the same language. It is an important question that I have been asking — and answering — since 1988 when I helped create the Marine Corps Intelligence Activity (today a mini-me of the larger mis-directed secret intelligence world).

My six challeges defined and published (with pre-publication clearance as usual) in 1994 have still not been met because we have not had any intelligence “leaders” willing to commit to intelligence with integrity.

I now believe that the DNI was a wrong turn. The next DNI should be charged by the next President with dismantling the DNI, restoring the DCI position, and executing a variety of straight-forward reforms that I have championed for a quarter century. A transformative intelligence reform process would shut down ODNI, restore the DCI, create an Open Source Agency (OSA), and elevate  the National Intelligence Council (NIC) to the Executive Office of the President (EOP). Somewhere in there OMB, Congress, the media, and the public would receive public (open unclassified) ethical evidence-based decision-support on all threats, policies, and country counterparts, while creating Community Decision-Support Networks that implement the proven process of intelligence at the local, county, state, and regional issue management levels.

Seven Steps to US Intelligence Reform*

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HUMAN INTELLIGENCE (HUMINT): As with many other definitions, this one has been abjectly corrupted by over two centuries of government emphasis on secret sources & methods to the exclusion of proper stewardship of education, open source intelligence, and research.  HUMINT is any process that relies on a human mind to collect, process, and convert data and information into intelligence.  99% of HUMINT is not secret or expensive.  Most of its is also not in English.  Below is illustrated a concept for “Full Spectrum HUMINT” that leads to Organizational Intelligence and ultimately to a Smart Nation, a Smart Continent (Africa First), and a Prosperous World at Peace.

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Phi Beta Iota: Robert Steele is available to mentor, train, & manage 21st Century HUMINT/OSINT operations.  OSINT is HUMINT, not TECHINT.  HUMINT is best done multinationally, not unilaterally. Clandestine HUMINT cannot be done from within official cover installations. Clandestine HUMINT can generally not be done by active duty personnel with a corafam shoe mind-set or by young people who have led boring US-based lives.  To be effective, HUMINT requires a cultural, historical, and linguistic analytic foundation and a ruthless pervasive counterintelligence safety net — none of these are characteristic of USA “HUMINT” at this time. Email him at robert.david.steele.vivas [at] gmail [dot] com. Non-US governments and non-state emissaries are welcome to communicate as securely as they wish to 11005 Langton Arms Court, Oakton VA 22124.

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