2011 OSINT Discovery Toolkit–Reuser’s Repertorium

This is THE toolbox, available in both long and short versions, we recommend you start with the long and then rapidly migrate to the short.  Arno is THE “dean” of OSINT for government, and the “dean” of the advanced librarian discovery movement.



We strongly endorse Arno Reuser as an individual, and recommend his training offerings available directly from him.  By-pass the external vendor training link at the Repertorium and send him a direct email.

Arno’s Profile

Worth a Look: Arno Reuser OSINT Wizard

Journal: Seriously Weird, & Then There Is Arno

When InterNET is InterNOT

2006 Reuser (NL) on Virtual Open Source Agency

2003 Reuser (NL) on Intelligence Librarian Tradecraft

Journal: Librarians and The Accessibility Paradox

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Dec 28

Reference: UnityNet — an M4IS2 Option


Full Document Online

See Also:

Concept of Operations

Operational Requirements Document

Technical Requirements Document

And Also:

Handbook: Synergy Strike Force, Dr. Dr. Dave Warner, Round II

Search: OSINT software

and references therein down multiple levels…

As well as the thinking of Steve Edwards, Arno Reuser, and Mark Tovey; and among the Americans, Carol Dumaine, Jack Davis, and Ran Hock, among others.

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May 30

Search: free intelligence training

Great search, although this entire site is free intelligence training, your search made us realize there needs to be a single starting point.  This is it.

Starting Points:

Search: United Nations Intelligence Training

2000-2002 NATO OSINT Handbooks

1998 Open Source Intelligence Executive Overview (Handbook)

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Feb 4

Worth a Look: Open Sources Database

Online Partial Directory

WHO is behind this is not known to us, and it is a very partial listing but with integrity (they point to our copies of the NATO OSINT Documents that Robert Steele wrote or supported) and a pleasing look and feel.  This has a great deal of potential, especially if it can go multi-lingual, multicultural and add historical reach-back points of access.

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Jan 12