Worth a Look: Occucards (Exposing & Opposing the Corporate State)

The great feature here is that they offer free high-resolution PDF’s of each card.

Phi Beta Iota: Public intelligence in the public interest will take many forms ultimately integrating continuous public education with public intelligence generation and public research by demand and by crowd-sourcing. Governments are no longer adequate to the task of representing the public, even when they are honest.  All eight tribes, sharing information and the global coverage burden in all languages all the time, are where we need to get to….after we get around the corrupt slow learners insistent on making us die for their last unearned dollar.

Yoda: Child-Driven Education, Convergence of Knowledge

Got Crowd? BE the Force!

How Children’s Toys Reflect What’s Next in Technology & Education, March 5, 2012, PRAGMATIC VISIONS | by Jim Brazell 

[Editor’s note: This is the first in a new column series from the pragmatic visionaries at the Thornburg Center for Professional Development for edtech digest]

“The availability of technologies to youth is its own instructor.” –Nobelist Herbert A. Simon (June 15, 1916 – February 9, 2001), Author of Science of the Artificial and a Father of Artificial Intelligence


In the same way that Erector Sets were patterned after the technologies of the third phase of the industrial revolution, the LEGO MindStorms kits reflect the structure of emerging technology and careers in the 21st Century. In 2006, Nano Quest from FIRST Robotics enabled students to program LEGO robots to mimic biological, chemical, and physical systems across  micro-, meso-, and nano-scales.

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Worth a Look: Free Internet Search & Research Tools

Home Page


Search Engines

Kid Friendly and Educational Search Engines

Meta & Mega Search Tools

Phone Number, People and Company Finders

Social Media and Real-Time Search and Collaboration Tools


Deep Web and Specialty Research Tools

Username Search


Useful Web Sites, Tools and Documents

Proxy Servers, Online Privacy and Security Tools


Image Search

Online Communities

Whois, IP Lookups and Web Site Analysis

Reference Sites

Language Tools

Worth a Look: Skype, YouTube & VodBurner

As an aid to all the old people who are well-removed from the reality that the young communicate (and ingest information) in multi-media rather than two-dimensional static communications, here are two essentials for old people who want to get with the program:


Start with free one to one video teleconferencing, then upgrade to video group conference calls.

FREE Skype (audio only, XP only)

YouTube Broadcast Yourself

Create account, then go to YouTube Broadcast Yourself

VodBurner for Skype Call Recording & Posting

Free for 14 days excluding calls to PCs already having VodBurner, $99.50 to purchase with three month escape period.