Marcus Aurelius: Time for US to Get Serious About Setting Everyone Else “Ablaze”? — Sun Tzu Comment

Marcus Aurelius

Marcus Aurelius

Two articles follow:  one posits a seemingly global anti-US opposition, an Anti-American Network (AAN), and the other posits that political warfare is the answer to the Middle East portion of the problem.  IMHO, both are worth considering.  Further believe that, with respect to Boot & Doran’s approach, (a) coverage needs expansion to cover all the opponents Hirsch posits and (b) political warfare is a necessary but not sufficient component of our response and an NCTC-centric structure is probably not the way to go.  We already have policy in place to deal with these kinds of things but it probably needs revision in light of international and domestic politics.  In my view, what we need is national leadership (read:  POTUS and Congress) with the guts and principles of Britain’s WWII leader Winston Churchill supported by an Executive Branch organizational structure combining the best features of their Special Operations Executive (SOE) and Political Warfare Executive (PWE), one authorized, directed, and capable of covertly, surgically and virtually “setting our adversaries ablaze.”   Neither the currently tasked organization nor U.S Special Operations Command, or even the two together, is presently that structure.)

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Jun 30

Open Source Everything Manifesto: Home Page

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This is the temporary home page while we raise funds for a dedicated website. The urls for opensourcemanifesto and opensourceeverythingmanifesto point here for now.


Click on Image to Enlarge

Click on Image to Enlarge

This is the core graphic I created several years ago when I realized that the mainstream focus on open source software and open data was neglecting everything else. Open Source Everything is the most powerful politicl, economic, and social concept we have, in my view. We need to go “all in” on all the opens, simultaneously.

Open Source is the only approach — human or technical — that is affordable, interoperable, and scaleable. It makes no sense, for example, to worship at the altar of Open Data if this is merely feeding very large and generally predatory commercial proprietary software empires that extract licensing and maintenance fees while also mutating and migrating Application Program Interfaces (API) to block natural evalution within the Open Source Ecology.



Robert Steele: Reflections on the Next Data Revolution


Nafeez Ahmed, himself an award-winning author, has written the single best summary of my vision in his profile of me at The Guardian — published on 19 June 2014 it is trending again and had 53,000 “likes” as of today (8 Nov 14).

The open source revolution is coming and it will conquer the 1% – ex CIA spy

The man who trained more than 66 countries in open source methods calls for re-invention of intelligence to re-engineer Earth


I apologize for the book not being free online in English (it is available for foreign language translation and those eversions will be free online). I accepted a publishing company and do not regret that decision because the editor, Kathy Green, cut the book in half, removed one syllable from most words, and generally added magic to the book that was beyond my means. It also put the book in bookstores via Random House.

 “The Open Source Everything Manifesto” (Reality Sandwich)


2014-05-21 Robert Steele at LIBTECHNYC: The Open Source Everything Manifesto


2014-05-29 Goodreads 20 Quotes from The Open Source Everything Manifest

Amazon Page (Kindle)

Amazon Page (Kindle)


This is not a money-making book. I hope you will embrace the idea whether you buy the book or not.

AMAZON Kindle Page

AMAZON Paperback Page

Book Page at Barnes & Noble

Book Page at McNallyRobinson

Book Page at North Atlantic

Book Page at Powell’s Books

Book Page at Random House

GIVE THIS BOOK AWAY!  Random House Special Markets will sell heavily discounted cases of the book, consider inserting your corporate sticker and then handing the book out at hacker or other special events.  Call: Director, Premium Sales: 1-212-572-2329  General Inquiry: 1-800-800-3246


YouTube (4:10) Author Introduces Book

YouTube Interview on the Book (11:02)

David Isenberg: Intelligence for the 99%

Review of the Book by Ralph Peters

Review of the Book by Retired Reader

Review of the Book by B. Tweed DeLions

John Steiner: Open Source Everything — the Meme is Now a Book


Gnomedex Keytone in Seattle 2007  .


OSE Extracts (Also Below, Here in Document)

Slides (59) for Figures 3 Nov 2011

Table of Contents

Preface I

Preface II

Chapter 1 Open Sesame Extract I

Chapter 1 Open Sesame Extract II

Chapter 1 Open Sesame Extract III

Chapter 2 Open-Source Everything Extract I

Chapter 2 Open-Source Everything Extract II

Chapter 2 Open-Source Everything Extract III

Chapter 3 Manifesto Extract I

Chapter 3 Manifesto Extract II

Chapter 3 Manifesto Extract III

Chapter 4 Philosophical Concepts Extract I

Chapter 4 Philosophical Concepts Extract II

Chapter 4 Philosophical Concepts Extract III

Chapter 5 Integrity, Lies, and Panarchy Extract I

Chapter 5 Integrity, Lies, and Panarchy Extract II

Chapter 5 Integrity, Lies, and Panarchy Extract III

Chapter 6 Whole-Systems Thinking Extract I

Chapter 6 Whole-Systems Thinking Extract II

Chapter 6 Whole-Systems Thinking Extract III

Chapter 7 Public Intelligence and the Citizen Extract I

Chapter 7 Public Intelligence and the Citizen Extract II

Chapter 7 Public Intelligence and the Citizen Extract III

No Extracts Provided from”Epilogue: My Conversion Experience”


The translation rights are mine. Volunteers are working on Chinese, French, and Spanish versions that will be free online. A commercial German edition is under discussion. Translated chapters will be posted here at Phi Beta Iota as they become available, and translators are publicly recognized for their gift of labor to us all.


United Nations Open-Source Decision-Support Information Network (UNODIN)


Robert David STEELE Vivas

Robert David STEELE Vivas

I would be honored to be invited to visit any group in person or via Skype. Here is my bio page, my email is at the bottom of that page.

Apart from this specific concept for uplifting humanity and moving us all forward in creating a prosperous world at peace, I am very interested in helping any individual or organization or country advance their capabilities of holistic analytics, true cost economics, and open source everything engineering.

I can also speak to any of the 98 categories in which I review non-fiction books at Amazon, and will happily engage as an individual (not as a non-profit CEO) in political discussions including what I learned from my six-week run as a candidate for the Reform Party presidential nomination in 2012.

Author’s Personal Page & Contact




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Mar 3

Código Abierto Todo: evolución acelerada a través de la libre información

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Phi Beta Iota:  Click on header to open full post, then use Google Translate to read in English (top of middle column).  Contract has been signed to publish the book in Spanish in Spain — this does not exclude the book also being contracted for translation by any Central or Latin American publisher.  Person in charge of all translation contracts is sserafimidis [at] northatlanticbooks [dot] com.

Código Abierto Todo: evolución acelerada a través de la libre información

El manifiesto de “Open Source Everything” refuerza el movimiento de transparencia informática como mecanismo opositorio a la corrupción y al poder elitista, así como esbozar un mecanismo para detonar la expansión de la conciencia en su relación trina con la información y la energía.

Click on Image to Enlarge

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Jul 13