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Richard Wright: MILITARY INTELLIGENCE: All Eyes No Brain Part II


Journal: Gorgon Stare (All Eyes, No Brain)

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Nov 16

Chuck Spinney: Trusting Iran — Not US-Based Liars

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Chuck Spinney

Chuck Spinney

Phi Beta Iota: We use the TIME Cover for Chuck Spinney to make the point that today, 35 years after he blew the whistle on defense mis-management, in such depth as to warrant a TIME Cover, we still have not corrected any of the deficiencies he brought forth. Defense acquisition remains corrupt to the bone, “cost plus government spec” idiocy that is a constant betrayal of the public trust. Below is a full length commentary by Chuck — one of our hero patriots — with two attachments from Gareth Porter whose work we have featured here before. Worth a full read. The lies characteristic of every branch of the US Government and its complicit academic and media sychophants (when they are not paid controlled assets) are long overdue for revolt.

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Oct 19

Jean Lievens: Unlearn First, Grasshopper

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Jean Lievens

Jean Lievens

The future is in how fast you are at unlearning.

Stephan Vincent

Innovation Excellence, 20 September 2014

I recently came across a blog from Penelope Trunk my wife shared with me about home schooling. Common themes are found in various projects I have led where companies and individuals are stuck in their traditional way of thinking and see their business become stagnant, irrelevant and eventually die.

Through our education, from kindergarten to grad school, then through our professional lives, we have been shaped in the same mold, even though we hear here and there that we need to “think outside the box”, that box being only aimed to fit into a bigger box, like the Russian dolls. Conventionalism, risk aversion and complacency kill innovation and entrepreneurship.

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Sep 21

Anthony Judge: Anticipating When Blackbirds Sing

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Anthony Judge

Anthony Judge

Anticipating When Blackbirds Sing Chinese

Conversion from tweets to songbites to ensure integrity of communication

Sonification and desonification — for communication integrity
Cognitive fusion to engage with information complexity and overload
Transformation of linear information into a songbite
Memescapes engendered and sustained by multidimensional soundscapes
Information transfer possibilities of blackbird singing capacity
Noopolitics and memetic warfare within the noosphere
Engaging with a memespace of paradoxical complexity
Ways of looking at ways of looking — in a period of invasive surveillance
Post-modern challenge to simplistic binary framing of the other
Imaginative composition of ways of looking or listening
Embodying a multiverse of uncertainly ordered incongruity
Thirteen ways of apprehending blackbird song
Imagining future communication integrity enabled by aesthetics

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Jul 5