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CONTEXTUAL COMMENT: Connecting all humans with one another is more important than “making sense” but the two can and should proceed in tandem.  OpenBTS may be the key to breaking away from corruption as now exemplified by most government and most corporations.  The human brain is vastly more important than the Internet, and the five billion poor are vastly more important than the one billion rich…OpenBTS could be the key to creating infinite wealth.

Right now, subject to evolution as more volunteer editors expand the breadth and depth of what this site offers to the public, the following are the main Reference categories, use the live link to get to their respective directories, or the Public Intelligence Topics menu in the middle column to zero in, the material always comes up in reverse chronological order (latest first).

To follow a specific author or “brand” use the AUTHORS page. We welcome nominations of new authors to invite to contribute directly, or to follow selectively.

So much is being posted daily now, if you wish to see only new Journal items or only new Reviews, it is best to bookmark that specific menu item, or use the menu on the home page.  See also SEARCH TIPS at end of Reviews page.

About the Idea.  Various original thinkers are included here, to capture the overall “noosphere” aspect of what we are about.  About the Idea Directory (List)

Access Archive Tables This is the new front end to which has been frozen.  This is where scholars can access all posted material from over 800 international authorities, with respect to Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) and related intelligence reform issues.

Article & Chapters.  These are all by Robert David STEELE Vivas, the pioneer and primary proponent for Open Source Intelligence (OSINT), and since 2004 for Multinational, Multiagency, Multidisciplinary, Multidomain Information Sharing and Sense Making (M4IS2); they represent his body of work from 1988 to date, in reverse chronological order.  The work of others is organized in the Handbooks, Historic Contributions, References, and Worth a Look sections.  Articles & Chapters Directory (List)

As Featured in Media.  Here are just a few of the milestone articles as published in mainstream media.  Scholars with integrity access the totality of the information provided free online by this website and (which is now accessed via

BOOKS. This section is primarily a catalog of our 98+ book review categories, with a lead in to books, all but one free online, published by OSS or EIN. Also at the top are our collections of book reviews, an educational resource for those interested in the positives and negatives of how we live on Earth now, as well as corruption, democracy, and intelligence.

Briefings & Lectures. These also are by Robert David STEELE Vivas, as he has been the sole pinoeer focused exclusively on this public interest domain since 1988.  As Peter Drucker would say, Steele has been a “mono-maniac” on this topic, and that is why it is a global domain today, about to evolve toward empowering the public as a collective instead of organizations alone.   Briefings & Lectures Directory (List)

Definitions. This is an area where many contributions are solicited.  OSINT and M4IS2 are in their infancy, and is at least four years away from having any degree of coherence as a global multinational and multifunctional practice.  Comments by anyone will be integrated into the main page as appropriate.  This is not comprehensive.  Looking at the latest Briefings & Lectures is more reliable.  Definitions Directory (List)

EVENTS.This is a page and in its infancy.  In the 1990′s we conceptualized a “Virtual Presence” service in which students at the graduate level took responsibility for covering conferences in their local area, posting trip reports with appropriate links.  This is important in a world where changes to the Earth that used to take 10,000 years now take three–real-time science, real-time everything is emergent, and conference knowledge tends to be five to ten years ahead of published knowledge.  Conferences are also where you find the emerging pioneers who are not yet published, and meet the unpublished pioneers who are practitioners.  Events matter.  There is no substitute for the human connection.

Graphics.  Everything we do is offered free to public under Creative Commons licensing terms, i.e. you can use anything on this site at no cost EXCEPT that no financial benefit may accrue without a formal licensing and revenue-sharing agreement with EIN, the 501c3 that has inherited, as a contribution from OSS, all of Robert Steele’s intellectual property.   As with all sections of this web site, we welcome your own graphics for inclusion here if you think they will be helpful to propagating the public intelligence (decision-support) meme as well as related memes such as two-party tyranny, true cost, sovereign people, etcetera.

Handbooks. There are 20 handbooks to start with, only a few of them written by Robert Steele.  This is where most of the “meat” is with respect to structured knowledge.  We acitvely solicit recommendations in the comments section pointing to other handbooks, and will elevate those to the main page as appropriate.

Historic Contributions. This is being started with 218 hand-picked “best of the best” contributions from among the 750 speakers to the annual conference on “National Security & National Competitiveness: Open Source Solutions.”  That event ended in 2006.  The next stage will build on these historic contributions.  It is possible that governments, corporations and even religions will fail to embrace these ideas, and will be displaced by a global mesh of engaged young people who create solar-powered Internet hubs with public satellite connections.   Historic Contributions Directory (List)

History of Opposition. There are only 13 items here, there could be many more.  It is not possible to understand the retardation of US OSINT, or the phenomenal advances made by all others in the absence of US leadership, without having an appreciation for the bitter, myopic, and self-defeating opposition to OSINT as a coherent program and discipline, among the 16 secret intelligence agencies in the USG.  See the letter to the Ambassadors and the three briefings at Earth Intelligence Book for a sense of what’s next, regardless of whether or not the USG gets its act together.

Honour Society. We cannot bring ourselves to use the American spelling, as we have out-sourced our honor and lost our integrity at all levels of governments these past eight years.  This is a zero maintenance Honour Society, any human with  a brain is automatically a member, and our focus on Diversity (along with Clarity, Integrity, and Sustainability) assures every human, regardless of race, class, or creed, a warm embrace as a unique and vital part of the World Brain that is emergent, with an EarthGame in which everyone plays themselves.  Anyone can print out and laminate the personal membership card, or send your address to our contact information and we will mail you a professionally-produced laminated card pre-cut to join your other badges on the badge holder.

Journal of Public Intelligence aka RAG.   For now this is just online.  Contributions can be made by anyone, either by volunteering to be a Contributing Editor, or sending materials in draft to Robert Steele (About).

LINKS. Here we provide two columns of links, on the left righteous and generally non-profit links, on the right honest and generall for-profit links.

References. Although every document on this web site is a Reference, here we wanted to give structured access to selected categories, i.e. from the Director of National Intelligence, the Congress Research Service, or the Government Accountability Office.  We welcome suggestions in the comments section on other “collections” that should be highlighted here to serve the public interest, as focused on the new craft of public intelligence.  Legislation, some of the Memoranda from Robert Steele to the DNI and others, and Monographs are included here.

Reviews. Over 1,500 non-fiction books reviews, and over 75 DVD reviews (half non-fiction, half entertainment) are available her in a manner that Amazon has refused to make possible for years: it is now possible to search and sort reviews by topic.  See the long list in the first column for options.  One can also use the Search bar to search for specific terms, such as “secrecy” or “fraud”  and that shows interesting collections that cross categories.  For this Public Intelligence Blog we created a new 6-Star special ranking, that is one means of very rapidly reading in on the best of the best authors (roughly 10%) that have been digested and reviewed by Robert Steele over the years.

YouTube. This is a new category.

Structured contributions by our founder Robert Steele are below.  See also Who Is Robert D. Steele?

All Op Eds (Huffington Post) by Robert Steele (List)

All Reflections by Robert Steele (List)

Articles & Chapters Directory (List)

Briefings & Lectures Directory (List)


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