Howard Rheingold: 30 Remote Desktop and Screen Sharing Applications (Many Free)

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Howard Rheingold

Howard Rheingold

Created in 2010 but still interesting.

30 Amazing Remote Desktop Sharing and Screen Sharing Applications

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Jul 12

Howard Rheingold: Crap Detection & Critical Thinking


Howard Rheingold

YouTube Library

Howard Rheingold on essential media literacies [6:09]

Howard Rheingold on Crap Detection (Part 1) [9:59]

Creating a Critical Society – Howard Rheingold on Crap Detection (Part 2) [4:49]

Determining Site Credibility – Howard Rheingold on Crap Detection (Part 3)

TED: Howard Rheingold: The new power of collaboration (19:34)

Amazon Page

Selected Books on Thinking by Howard Rheingold

Net Smart: How to Thrive Online (Forthcoming March 2012)

Smart Mobs: The Next Social Revolution (2002)

Tools for Thought: The History and Future of Mind-Expanding Technology (1986)

Howard Rheingold Short Pieces

Howard Rheingold: 10 Online Tools for Better Focus

Howard Rheingold: Mindfulness for Executives

Howard Rheingold: Finding Credible Social Information & Crap Detection

Howard Rheinigold: Cultivating a Personal Learning Network

Howard Rheingold: News Filters for the Future – Technical Services or Human Networks?

Howard Rheingold: Infotention Skills + Citizen Intel RECAP

Worth a Look: Pierre Levy Interviewed by Howard Rheingold on Collective Intelligence

A slice of life in my virtual community

Rheingold at OSS ’92

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Nov 13

Howard Rheingold: Cooperation Theory


Howard Rheingold

Introduction to Cooperation Theory

A six week course using asynchronous forums, blogs, wikis, mindmaps, social bookmarks, synchronous audio, video, chat, and Twitter to introduce the fundamentals of an interdisciplinary study of cooperation: social dilemmas, institutions for collective action, the commons, evolution of cooperation, technologies of cooperation, and cooperative arrangements in biology from cells to ecosystems.

If you are interested in signing up, contact

Learning objectives

About this course: Expect participative and collaborative learning



Below the line: synopsis of course with many open links.

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Jul 5

Howard Rheingold Curates Infotention


Howard Rheingold

“Managing attention & information”
Created and curated by Howard Rheingold

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Jun 8